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Long Beach Moves Into Phase 2 Of Economic Inclusion Initiative

Release Date: 2019-01-14

By: Pierce Nahigyan

Two years ago, the City of Long Beach adopted its Blueprint for Economic Development as a vision for increasing its standard of living and supporting new and local businesses in the area. Building on that blueprint, 9th District Councilmember Rex Richardson spearheaded an initiative dubbed “Everyone In” to promote economic inclusion for the minority community. As Richardson explained to the Business Journal, Phase 1 of the initiative was largely devoted to getting feedback from locals. This year, it enters its implementation stage.

“Phase 1 was a broader conversation, understanding what economic inclusion is and how it can be the new direction of our city,” he said. “Phase 2 is taking steps in that direction.”

Last year, Rebecca Kauma, the project lead for economic and digital inclusion with the city’s economic development department, worked closely with consultants who hosted in-depth focus groups related to entrepreneurship, community economic wellbeing, banking and youth workforce development. Kauma said that the results of that listening tour will be discussed at the end of this month by a multi-sector team of community stakeholders and policymakers.

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