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Long Beach Small Business Monitor: Key Challenge for LB Small Businesses Today - Finding Qualified Workers

Release Date: 2018-07-23

By: Dr. Scott Flexo

As unemployment hits record lows – 4.2% in Long Beach - Long Beach small businesses are having to deal with a shrinking supply of potential new workers. This is a key challenge because growth can only happen when small businesses have access to a steady stream of skilled people.

In this issue we present survey data on hiring trends and challenges that Long Beach small business people say they are experiencing today. Also we list several of the local organizations that can help in finding and hiring new qualified applicants.

Hiring Trends Among LB Small Businesses: 2018

At 4.2%, the unemployment rate in Long Beach is at it's lowest level in many years. As the unemployment rate reaches its nadir, hiring appears to be slowing, indicated by a very small change in the unemployment rate since last year (-0.6%).

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