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Small Business Showcase: 4th Street’s Retro Row

Release Date: 2017-10-09

By: Brandon Richardson

In 2002, Gary Farley began pursuing his dream of owning a record store. He opened up shop in Costa Mesa but ultimately closed down. Farley began selling records in the back of a Long Beach women’s boutique clothing store owned by a friend in 2012. After over a year, he got his own space on 4th Street near Temple Avenue, where he stayed for almost three years until the building was sold. “As luck would have it, I happened upon my current location, which has been great,” Farley said. “I’ve always wanted to have a shop, and I knew that if I found the right location I could make it work. It took a while and some patience, but it’s all come together in the spot I’m at now.” Third Eye Records has been located at 2234 E. 4th St. for more than one year.

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