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Established in 1924, the natural gas utility under the Energy Resources Department provides service to approximately 500,000 residents and businesses in the cities of Long Beach and Signal Hill. Delivered through over 1,800 miles of gas pipelines, our natural gas is safely provided to your home to keep you warm in the winter, cook your food, heat the water in your showers and baths, and dry your clothes. We quickly respond to your requests for service and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Emergency Response at (562) 570-2140. Our rates for gas services are comparable with Southern California gas utilities and historically have resulted in the lowest average residential gas bills in Southern California. As the citizens of Long Beach are also the owners of our gas utility, our revenues provide not only our gas services and maintenance of our pipeline system but also are used to help pay for vital community services such as police, fire, parks, and library services.

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Long Beach Energy Resources Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response & Support

The Energy Resources Department (ER) is committed to providing safe, affordable, and reliable natural gas service to all customers. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 epidemic with local, state, and federal health agencies. As a result, we are making some temporary changes to some of our customer service operations, consistent with guidance from public health officials and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These include:

• The continuation of essential and emergency natural gas service appointments, including reports of suspected natural gas leaks, carbon monoxide checks, gas meter turn-ons, natural gas outages, and pilot re-lights.

• The temporary suspension of some appliance check-ups and non-essential service calls – i.e. inoperative pool heaters, barbecues, and fire pits.

• During emergency service visits, ER Field Service personnel may ask customers to move to another room to maintain a 6-foot distance, per the CDC guidelines.

Please use this link to access that latest information as the COVID-19 situation continues to develop.

What Energy Resources is Doing to Help Customers

ER has temporarily suspended natural gas service disconnections until further notice. No customer will have their natural gas turned off due to non-payment. ER is also restoring natural gas services that were shut off in the past 30 days for non-payment during the COVID-19 situation. ER customers needing assistance should:

1. Call the ER Call Center at (562) 570-5700 and request to have their natural gas service restored.

2. Our Call Center Reps will work with customers to schedule a natural gas service to restore appointments, subject to the availability of Field Service personnel.

3. Our Call Center Reps will work with customers to develop a payment plan for their current outstanding balance.

4. Natural gas service to the customer will then be restored as scheduled.

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