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Long Beach Energy Resources Department

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The Long Beach Energy Resources Department (also known as the Gas Department) consists of three significant enterprise operations: 1) a municipally-owned gas utility that, by customer count, is the seventh-largest in the United States, supporting more than 154,000 customer accounts and maintaining 1,900 miles of main & service pipeline; 2) the Southeast Resource Recovery Facility (SERRF) creating electricity from refuse, processing about 380,000 tons of solid waste; and, 3) a major oil field operation that produces about 10 million barrels annually with an exemplary environmental safety record.

Our offices are located at 2400 E. Spring St, Long Beach, CA 90806


Mission Statement:

We strive to safely provide reliable price-competitive natural gas utility services to residents and businesses, to commercially accept regional Municipal Solid Waste for conversion into electrical power for resale and to decrease dependency on local landfills, and manage in an environmentally safe manner the City and State’s onshore and offshore production of oil and natural gas to maximize production levels and revenues.


Robert Dowell, Director

Business Operations Bureau
Tony Foster, Manager

Electric Generation Bureau
Jane Hermsen, Manager

Engineering & Regulatory Bureau
Kevin Tougas, Acting Manager

Gas Services Bureau
Edward Farrell, Manager

Oil Operations Bureau
Kevin Tougas, Manager

Construction & Pipeline Bureau
Nathan Lynch, Manager

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For Customer Service, please call (562) 570-5700.
For Gas Emergency, please call (562) 570-2140.

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