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Purchasing Codes and Ordinances

This page contains information about pertinent codes and ordinances related to the procurement of goods and services by the City of Long Beach.

Procurement Ordinances

Rules and Code Icon - Purchasing Ordinance Long Beach's procurement activities are primarily governed by the Long Beach Municipal Code (link to the municipal code.)

City of Long Beach Ethics Program

Ethics Program Icon

The Office of Ethics and Transparency leads the City's ethics program. Government ethics helps to ensure that we act with integrity and transparency while serving the best interests of the Long Beach community. The Vendor Code of Conduct (see below) provides more information about ethics and procurement.

Vendor Code of Conduct

The City of Long Beach is committed to operating ethically to preserve public trust and confidence. We require our partners to act ethically in every aspect of their business. The Vendor Code of Conduct (link to the Code), adopted as an ordinance in 2023, applies to any person, entity, vendor, contractor, consultants, and their subcontractors providing goods or services to or on behalf of the City.

Procurement Ethics: Gifts

The acceptance of any gifts by City employees is prohibited by the Ethics Handbook  guidelines (link to the handbook), updated in August 2023. Gifts include meals, event invitations, tickets, or other items of value. We kindly request vendors to abstain from offering gifts or offers to City employees.

Equal Benefits Ordinance

EBO - Ordinance
Effective 01/12/2010, the Long Beach City Council approved the Equal Benefits Ordinance (link to the ordinance), requiring contractors that do business with the City to provide the same benefits to registered domestic partners that they provide to their married employees. Contractors must submit disclosures (link to the Disclosure Form) to conform with the oridnance. The ordinance only applies to contracts of $100,000 or more.

SB 1383 

SB 1383 Recycle IconEffective January 1, 2022, the Long Beach City Council approved an amendment to Chapter 8.60 - Solid Waste, Recycling and Litter Prevention and Mandatory Organic Waste Disposal Reduction (link to ordinance) to comply with SB 1383. This amendment requires cities and counties to prioritize reducing, reusing, and recycling solid waste generated within their jurisdictions before resorting to incineration or landfill disposal. The goal is to conserve water, energy, and other natural resources while protecting the environment. For more information, contact lborganics@longbeach.gov or reference Organic Waste Collection In Long Beach