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The Long Beach Fire Ambassadors


The Mission of the Long Beach Fire Ambassadors, in partnership with the Long Beach Fire Department, is to increase awareness of fire safety at home and in the community and to educate children and adults in ways to prevent injuries to persons and property damage as a result of fire.

In 1991 the Long Beach Fire Ambassador Program was launched through the efforts of Donna Griggs and Captain Walt Gupton. There were 20 original members invited to become Ambassadors.

The Fire Safety House is a major component of the Fire Ambassadors program and travels throughout the city's schools teaching Long Beach area 3 rd grade school students how to be fire safe. The portable and interactive Fire Safety House was purchased in 2002 using grant money and donations from Allstate Insurance. In the beginning of the program, the primary activities of the Fire Ambassadors was distributing fire safety and emergency literature at health fairs and delivering Fire and Burn Safety messages to various organizations, companies, Neighborhood Watch meetings and senior and adult living complexes. A segment on earthquake preparedness was added later. This program uses a dramatic video of what would happen in Long Beach during a 6 point earthquake and a advises everyone to be "prepared" at all times.

Representing the Fire Department at many functions throughout the city and providing fire education to children is a major responsibility. That's why it is so important that we select Ambassadors who are enthusiastic are professional in their appearance, actions, and adherence to the Rules and Regulations of the organization.

The Long Beach Fire Ambassadors are always seeking new members. Volunteers must be retired and over the age of 55.