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California Shark Advisory System

Release Date: 2017-05-05

Over the last several weeks, Long Beach Fire Department Marine Safety has received numerous reports of shark sightings near the Peninsula oceanfront. The level of confirmed shark activity this spring is consistent with what was observed by the Marine Safety Division in the spring of 2016. We estimate that 10-20 juvenile sharks swim in the waters off Peninsula beach daily.

To date, Marine Safety personnel have not observed any aggressive behavior by sharks in Long Beach. From our observations, the sharks' interest in Long Beach is tied to a thriving aquatic ecosystem in the Long Beach Harbor.
Marine Safety will continue to take reports from the public and actively work to confirm sightings. Rescue Boats will continue to conduct patrols of the area throughout the day. If sightings are confirmed, advisories will continue to be made to recreational beach users.

California State Parks has developed a shark advisory system. Development of this system involved input from the California Marine Safety Chief’s Association of which Long Beach is a member. Signs will posted at the water’s edge where Marine Safety personnel are able to confirm shark sightings.

Media attention has attracted increased recreational vessel traffic to the waters off Peninsula Beach. For the safety of our recreational beach users, and the sharks, Marine Safety personnel will continue to enforce against any attempt to disturb the sharks in their natural habitat.