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Rescue Boat Operations


The new 31 1/2 foot Seaways shown here has a pumping capacity of 1000 GPM.

RB-3 first launched March 3, 2008

The Marine Safety Division provides two 24-hour rescue boats. Rescue Boat 1, in Alamitos Bay, is the only fully integrated Fire/Lifeguard rescue boat in the United States. Rescue Boat 1 is staffed with a Fire Captain/Paramedic and a Marine Safety Sergeant Rescue Boat Operator. Rescue Boat 2, in the Downtown Marina, is staffed with a Marine Safety Sergeant Rescue Boat Operator and a Marine Safety Officer.

Rescue Boat 3 is a daylight rescue boat assigned to the Marine Stadium area. Year round, our rescue boats respond to all service calls, emergency and non-emergency, as well as all harbor patrol and law enforcement duties.