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Good Samaritans Save a Life at Blair Field
Mark Miller
(562) 570-2554
Fire Captain, PIO

On the afternoon of March 19th, a  life was saved  by concerned citizens when a man collapsed in cardio-pulmonary arrest while watching a baseball game at Blair Field.  

When the man was seen motionless and slumped in his chair, a woman (who was a former paramedic) assisted him to the ground and began chest compressions with the help of another quick-acting bystander on scene. A third person began rescue breathing while another called 911.  Other citizens also assisted to help the unconscious man in need.

Eventually, an automatic external defibrillator (AED) was retrieved and used by the conscientious heroes and the man regained a heart beat as paramedics arrived at the scene.

Upon arrival to a local hospital, the man had regained consciousness and asked, "what the heck the score (of the game) was."

This event had a positive outcome due to people who had CPR training and the willingness to help. Our community was extremely fortunate to have them there today.

For CPR training, please contact the Long Beach Fire Department at http://longbeach.gov/Fire/ .