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Bike Registration and Light Giveaways

Release Date: 2019-04-24

We timed these events for mid-winter when earlier sunsets pose issues for bike commuters. Shorter days often deter bike commuting and can pose risks for those who may not have or can’t afford high-quality lights.

At the events, the Transportation Mobility Bureau incentivized registration by providing free bike lights to riders who stopped by. High-quality front and rear lights are easily attached/detached, and they are a necessary accessory for any bike rider, especially for a rainy winter like this one.

The lights served as an incentive for registering with Garage 529, a database that police, bike shops and residents use to curb bike theft. By registering, a bike is given a unique ID number and traceable sticker linked to the owner’s contact information. If a bike is stolen or goes missing, authorities have the necessary information to reunite the rider with the bike when it’s found.

It provides peace of mind for owners, acts a deterrent for thieves and serves as a vital source of information for police.

Over the course of 5 events, we registered 35 bikes. We still have a long way to go, but it’s starting to build the foundation for a strong registration database in Long Beach. We hope to see you out at our next event.