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Bike Share Updates

Release Date: 2022-08-01

Long Beach’s Bike Share program is getting an update! New bike share controllers will make unlocking a bike easier than ever. Using the Social Bicycles mobile app, riders will simply scan a QR code on the bike to unlock it and begin riding – no more punching buttons. Upgraded controllers started rolling out on bikes in late July and will soon be available on 100% of the fleet!

Along with a simpler method for unlocking the bikes, expect to find more bike share hubs in a part of Long Beach near you. We’re rolling out 650 new bikes across 110 hubs (14 new hubs) with a particular focus on new locations in West and North Long Beach. With more places to pick up and drop off bikes, Long Beach Bike Share can provide more service to our whole community.  

Keep an eye out for the new hubs and QR code controllers, and we’ll see you on the move!