Business Open Streets

The Open Streets program provides local businesses and restaurants with temporary parklets and sidewalk space to provide physically-distanced options. For more information relating to the Open Streets program, please see our Frequently Asked Questions. Under City Council approval, this program will remain in place at least through the end of June 2022 or until outdoor physical-distancing is no longer required.

Temporary Parklet Permits

Under City Council direction, Temporary Parklet Applications through the Open Streets Program are no longer being accepted. To obtain a permanent parklet, please visit the Public Works Permits Webpage and submit a new application.

Outdoor Activity Permits

Restaurants, bars, churches, fitness classes, and salons wishing to operate within street closures, partial street closures, waterfront walkways, beaches, parks, piers and other similar types of public and private property to provide outdoor seating or drive-in dining must complete a Special Events—Outdoor Activity Permit Application. Applicants may e-mail or call (562) 570-5333 and speak to the City’s Special Events Staff for additional information.

Open Streets Requirements