Temporary Open Streets Toolkit

To aid busineses in the COVID-19 recovery, the City is looking to streamline temporary repurposing of the sidewalk and roadway for dining, customer queuing, and vehicle loading. The following toolkit provides a basic overview of options available for businesses to create temporary changes to the public right-of-way. Please click on each icon to see a detailed drawing with dimensions and traffic control requirements for each option.


Transforms parking space(s) into outdoor dining, retail, or customer queueing space using water-filled K-rail. See detailed drawing.


Sidewalk Occupancy
Transforms portion of sidewalk for dining while leaving clearance for pedestrians. For more information, please see the Chapter 2 of the City's Sidewalk Dining and Parklets Handbook.

Curbside Pick Up Sign
Transforms parking space (both metered and un-metered) into a 10-minute loading zone for quick food and retail pick up. See detailed drawing.