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Disparities in Activity and Traffic Fatalities by Race/Ethnicity
Matthew A. Raifman, MPP and Ernani F. Choma, PhD
American Journal of Preventative Medicine
June 2022

Why Cities with High Bicycling Rates are Safer for All Road Users
Wesley E. Marshall and Nicholas N. Ferenchak. 
June 2019
Transport & Health

Road Safety in European Cities. Performance Indicators and Governance Solutions
International Transport Forum

Why Consider a Road Diet? 
US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, 
April 1, 2019

Unsafe at Many Speeds
ProPublica, Lena V. Groegor
May 15, 2016

Protected Bike Lanes Are Safer for Drivers, Too
CityLab, Laura Bliss
June 3, 2019

A Case For Bike Boulevards
Jennifer Dill
June 27, 2019

Naturalistic Bicycling Behavior Pilot Study
Pei-Sung Lin, Ph.D., P.E., PTOE Achilleas Kourtellis, Ph.D. Srinivas Katkoori, Ph.D. Cong Chen, Ph.D. Lucas Cruse, AICP; Florida Department of Transportation
November 2017

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety: Summary of the 10th University Transportation Centers Spotlight Conference
National Transportation Safety Board 2017

Toward More Comprehensive Evaluation of Traffic Risks And Safety Strategies
Todd Litman, Research in Transportation Business & Management
January 2019

Ohio State Researchers Find Road Design Changes Can Reduce Distracted Driving Crashes
Ohio State Risk Institute November 19, 2018

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety
Douglas Shinkle, National Conference of States Legislatures Transportation Review
February 2012

Dehumanization of Cyclists Predicts Self-Reported Aggressive Behaviour Toward Them: A Pilot Study
Alexa Delbosc, Farhana Naznin, Nick Haslam, and Narelle Haworth
Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, Volume 62, pp. 681-689
April 2019

What Cyclists Need to Know about Trucks 
American Bicycling Education Association

Proven Safety Countermeasures
US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration

Road Safety Facts – Speed
World Health Organization

10 Ways Bicycle-Friendly Streets Are Good for People Who Don't Ride Bikes
AARP, Jay Walljasper

Tired of Cyclists Riding on the Sidewalk? Build More Bike Lanes
CityLab, Eric Jaffe
August 14, 2014 

Bike Lanes Don’t Cause Traffic Jams If You’re Smart About Where You Build Them
FiveThirtyEight, Gretchen Johnson and Aaron Johnson
April 11, 2014

Relationship of Lane Width to Safety for Urban and Suburban Arterials
Transportation Research Board, Ingred Potts, Douglas Harwood, Karen Richard


Ten common myths about bike lanes – and why they're wrong
Guardian, Peter Walker
July 3, 2019

Fourth National Climate Assessment Volume II: Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States
Reidmiller, D.R., C.W. Avery, D.R. Easterling, K.E. Kunkel, K.L.M. Lewis, T.K. Maycock, and B.C. Stewart (eds.), U.S. Global Change Research Program
November 2018

2018 Progress Report: California’s Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act California Air Resources Board
November 2018

Cycling Towards a More Sustainable Transport Future
John Pucher and Ralph Buehler, Transport Reviews, Vol. 37, No. 6, pp. 689-694.
November-December 2017


Commuting and Wellbeing: A Critical Overview of the Literature with Implications for Policy and Future Research 
Transport Reviews
August 2019

The Truth About Urban Cycling and Its Health Benefits 
By Riya Chawla, Momentum Magazine 
December 28, 2017

Causal Evaluation of Urban Greenway Retrofit: A Longitudinal Study on Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior
Lawrence D. Frank, Andy Hong, and Victor Douglas Ngo; Preventive Medicine
Volume 123,  Pages 109-116
June 2019

Beneficial Associations of Low and Large Doses of Leisure Time Physical Activity with All-Cause, Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer Mortality
Min Zhao, Sreenivas P Veeranki, Shengxu Li, Lyn M Steffen, and Bo Xi
British Journal of Sports Medicine
March 2019

Bike Lanes Are Good for Everyone — Including Drivers 
By Jimmy Thomson 
January 29, 2018 


The Social Cost of Automobility, Cycling and Walking in the European Union
Stefan Gössling, Andy Choi, Kaely Dekker, Daniel Metzler
Ecological Economics
April 2019

The latest evidence that bike lanes are good for business
Eric Jaffe
September 5, 2019

Love them or hate them, research offers financial case for big city bike lanes
By James Dunne, CBC News
June 8, 2019

Transport Transitions in Copenhagen: Comparing the Cost of Cars and Bicycles
Stefan Gössling and Andy Choi
Ecological Economics , 2015, vol. 113, issue C, 106-113 

How Copenhagen Became A Cycling Paradise By Considering The Full Cost Of Cars
By Ben Schiller, Fast Company 
June 10, 2015

York Boulevard: The Economics of a Road Diet
Cullen McCormick
NACTO and UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs

How your online shopping snarls traffic on city streets
Curbed, Patrick Sisson 
January 10, 2019