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Annual Recertification for the Housing Choice Voucher Program

At the Long Beach Housing Authority, we want to ensure that your experience with the annual recertification process for the Housing Choice Voucher Program is straightforward and transparent. Annual recertification is a mandatory requirement for every family in the Housing Choice Voucher Program, scheduled at least once a year. Below, you'll find essential information to guide you through the process and understand the factors that determine your eligibility and rent.

Key Points for Your Annual Recertification:

  1. Review Schedule: Your annual recertification appointment is scheduled based on a master schedule for each unit, unrelated to your move-in date or unit transfer. Expect your first review within a year of moving in, followed by subsequent annual reviews every twelve months.
  2. Advance Notification: You will receive a notice well in advance of your upcoming annual recertification. To ensure a smooth process, complete all required forms and submit supporting documents to the Housing Authority by the specified due date.
  3. Rent Determination Factors: Rent calculation is based on a formula set by Congress and HUD. Refer to the Fact Sheet below for detailed insights into how rent is determined for Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) residents. Key factors include family composition, income and assets, eligible deductions, immigration status, bedroom size, and the compliance of household members aged 18 or older with the annual recertification process.
  4. Required Documentation: During the annual recertification, you may be asked to provide:
    • Verification of identification for new household members.
    • Verification of income through recent pay stubs, employer information, or benefits notices.
    • Verification of assets via the most recent bank statement.
    • Verification of student status or financial aid for eligible members.
    • Verification of childcare expenses (if eligible) with contact information for the provider.
    • Verification of medical expenses (if eligible) through receipts for the past 12 months.
  5. Authority Verification: In addition to your provided information, the Housing Authority is required to verify income and deductions using available electronic databases, including employment, Social Security, EDD, LA County DPPS, etc.
  6. Rent Change Notification: If there is any rent increase due to your annual recertification, you will receive a 30-day advance notice. An appointment will be scheduled for you to sign the notice of rent change and/or the Rental Agreement for the upcoming 12 months.
We are committed to providing the information you need for a successful annual recertification. If you have questions or need assistance, refer to the provided resources or reach out to our dedicated team. Your cooperation ensures a seamless experience as a valued participant in the Housing Choice Voucher Program.