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Verifying Your Household Income

The HACLB is currently using a software program designed by HUD to assist the staff in verifying the income of the Voucher Program participants and to reduce improper subsidy payments.

This internet based tool, called Enterprise Income Verification (EIV), allows the Housing Authority to view employment information, wages, unemployment compensation and social security benefit information at any point in time.

The EIV system also compares the Housing Authority's verified participant reported wages, unemployment compensation and social security benefits information reported on HUD form 5058, to identify families that have substantially under reported their household income.

An EIV report will be processed for each participant at annual re-certification, prior to a transfer and at interim reviews when necessary, as determined by the Housing Authority.

The EIV system will assure that more eligible families are able to participate in the program. In addition, EIV will help to resolve discrepancies in verifying income and will assist the Housing Authority in identifying cases of abuse and or fraud against the Housing Choice Voucher Program.