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Commonly Failed Items

Are You Prepared?

Landlords, are you ready for the next inspection of your units? Here are a few examples of common fail items and how to correct the:


Repair any cracked plaster or holes. Repair water damages and correct the source of the leakage.


Missing doors, knobs, locks, stops and loose or missing thresholds must be repaired or replaced. Sliding doors must have guides. 


Torn, damaged cracked or missing tiles/linoleum must be repaired/replaces. Carpeting should be clean, Torn, damaged or severely worn carpeting must be replaced.


As required by California law, each entrance door (other than a sliding door) must be equipped with a deadbolt lock. Interior doors may only have privacy locks.

Plumbing and Fixtures

Repair leaking faucets and clogged drains. Repair/seal chipped porcelain on sinks, basins and tubs. Install tub and basin stoppers.

Smoke Detectors

There must be at lest one working smoke detector for each living level.


The utilities must be on so the inspectors can determine whether the appliance and electrical components are functioning properly.


Repair/replace cracked, broken, missing and boarded up windows. Windows must operate properly and be able to be locked.