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Setting Rents*

The following are the rules regarding assisted rents under the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program:

  • HUD requires HACLB to pay rental rates that are appropriate for the neighborhood.
  • The tenant's rent is based on the household paying 30% of household income toward rent and HACLB paying the remainder.
  • Tenants may pay up to 40% of the family's monthly income for rent at the time the lease is executed.
  • Rent approval is always subject to the Rent Reasonableness process.

 60 Day Rent Increase Form

Many of you may have heard about state law AB-1482. This law bans no-cause evictions and excessive rent increases. Per AB-1482 rent increase requests are limited to a 5.0 base plus the annual Consumer Price Index (CPI). The CPI has increased from 0.7% to 3.6%. The increase of 8.6% will be applied to all rent increase requests effective August 1, 2021 or later. It is the City of Long Beach’s position that the Housing Authority is not exempt from this law, which means that Section 8 participants are covered under AB-1482. What does this mean for you? The Housing Authority will not process any rent increases beyond 8.6% of your current rent unless your property is exempt from the AB-1482 law. If you are not sure if your property is exempt, please contact an attorney for guidance.   

 The Housing Authority of the City of Long Beach (HACLB) will continue to use AffordableHousing.com to conduct Rent Reasonableness and apply AB-1482 to all applicable cases. 

  •  Rent increase request will be capped at 8.6%, and subject to Rent Reasonableness using GoSection8.com.
  • Any rent increases that are received after the first of the month will be effective 60-days after the requested date. Example: rent increase received March 2, 2022 rent increase will be effective June 1, 2022.

*Please remember: HACLB will only authorize rental rates that are appropriate for the neighborhood.