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Provider Resource Guide: Resources for Sexually Transmitted Infections

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May 2022
FREE CME: Engaging the Primary Care Provider as Part of the HCV Workforce
FREE CME: Barriers & Best Practices to HIV Prevention and Treatment for People who Use Drugs

April 2022
FREE CME: Optimizing PrEP Access Through Advocacy Webinar 
CDPH Recommends that Emergency Departments Consider Implementing Routine, Opt-Out Testing Syphilis, HIV, and Hepatitis
UPDATE: CDPH Integrated Strategic Plan, 2022-2026 Needs Assessment
FREE CERT/CMEs: HIV Prevention Certified Provider (HIV PCP) Certification Program
FREE CME TRAINING: HIV Prevention & Care for Trans and Gender Expansive (TGE) Communities 

March 2022
Free Virtual CME: Optimizing PrEP in Practice: Guidelines & Clinical Considerations

February 2022
NFID Webinar on Reducing Sexually Transmitted Infections
Survey on Supply Shortages and New DGI Letter with Updated Gonorrhea Screening Recommendations
2 Live Webinars: Key Decisions in HIV Care - PrEP Considerations

January 2022
Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Guidelines Update

December 2021
Call To Expand HIV and Syphilis Testing for Pregnant Women
CDC PrEP Guidelines Update

November 2021
STI Treatment Guidelines Update

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Positive Prevention PLUS presented by AltaMed

Course Description:

Positive Prevention PLUS is a comprehensive, evidence-based, sexual health and teen pregnancy prevention curriculum for grades 7–12 and youth out of school. The curriculum is in compliance with the updated California Education Code, including the California Healthy Youth Act (AB 329), Sexual Harassment and Violence Instruction (SB 695), and the National Health Education Standards. The program focuses on specific protective behaviors using a variety of peer-based and interactive strategies. Each lesson features follow–up activities, including a daily interview assignment with a parent or trusted adult, to further extend the instruction and reinforce student learning.

Program Objectives:

  • Increase knowledge about prevention of HIV, other STIs, and pregnancy
  • Identify the qualities of a healthy relationship
  • Understand the facts about teen sexual health
  • Recognize why consent is an important aspect of a healthy relationship
  • Learn about the resources to report and escape human trafficking
  • Debunk myths and stereotypes about people living with HIV

Positive Prevention PLUS is comprised of 13, 45–minute Modules*, and is recommended for youth, ages 12 to 18.

*Virtual and in-person program implementation are both available. The curriculum has been adapted to meet current needs, virtual and in-person implementation of PP+ consists of 12-45 minute sessions.

To request a presentation use this FORM

Understanding Identity presented by The LGBTQ Center in Long Beach
Duration: 40 min
A resource for understanding the complexities that include sex, gender, identity, and expression. The development of sexual orientation and gender identity will also be discussed. An activity to reinforce the impact community has on well-being will be used to conclude the presentation.

To request a presentation use this FORM

Presentations are only available during business hours M-F, 8-5 pm, and must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the presentation date.


The HIV/STI Surveillance Program provides annual reports on STI and HIV trends for the City of Long Beach.

2015 STD/HIV Surveillance Annual Report
2016 STD/HIV Surveillance Annual Report
2017 STD/HIV Surveillance Annual Report
2018 STD/HIV Surveillance Annual Report
2019 STD/HIV Surveillance Annual Report