Candida auris  (C. auris )

Candida auris is an emerging fungus that can cause serious infections. It is difficult to treat because it can be resistant to the commonly used classes of antifungal medications. Identifying C. auris with standard laboratory methods can be challenging, which can lead to misidentification and improper care and treatment of infected patients. Similar to other multi-drug resistant organisms like CRE and MRSA, C. auris can be spread in healthcare settings and cause outbreaks. Recently, C. auris has been identified in several long term acute care hospitals (LTACs) and skilled nursing facilities that provide ventilator care (vSNFs) in Orange County, and has also been identified in a facility in Long Beach.

Long Beach Health Candida auris Information Session

On August 7th, 2019 the Long Beach Health Department hosted an information session about Candida auris please see the slides below for the more details. 

Long Beach Health C. auris Info Session 8.7.19 Slides

Resources (PDFs)

Patients and Families:
FAQ General
FAQ Patients needing Testing

Healthcare Providers:
CDPH Enhanced Standard Precautions for Skilled Nursing Facilities
CDC FAQ Infection Preventionists
CDC FAQ Lab Workers 
Postive C. auris Patient Checklist 
Interfacility Transfer Form
C. auris Testing Process Algorithm

 Health Alerts

Candida auris Advisory in Orange County Update 7/2/19
Long Beach Dept. of Health and Human Services Candida auris Guidance 5/22/19 
Candida auris in Orange County 4/6/19


For additional information or to request testing at your facility, please contact (562) 570-4302. 

Last Updated: 8/12/19