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Community Impact Division

The Community Impact Division, within the Human Services Bureau at the Department of Health and Human Services, uses a racial equity lens and a public health approach to prevent and reduce violence and human trafficking, empower youth and strong families, and cultivate trauma- and resiliency-informed systems change to improve safety, health, and well-being for everyone in Long Beach. Fundamental to this approach involves working in collaboration with community and stakeholders to define the problems, identify the root causes and risk factors, understand how to prevent and resolve the problem, implement effective strategies, and measure impact (APHA).  

Launched in 2018, the Community Impact Division utilizes best practice methods across all initiatives, programs, and services. For example, the Community Impact Division implements collective impact and place-based models for violence prevention, empowers youth and emerging adults using the positive youth development framework, and promotes healing and well-being through a trauma and resiliency-informed cross-systems approach.

We invite you to join and learn more about the initiatives, programs, and services. Your continuous participation will make the difference in fostering safe, healthy, and well-being for all families and communities in Long Beach.  

To learn more about the initiatives, programs, and services within the Community Impact Division, please visit the following links:

Contact information:
Ana Lopez, MPP 
Community Impact Division Officer 
Email: Ana.Lopez@longbeach.gov 
Phone: (562) 570-4186