The Youth Fund was established utilizing funds generated through Measure US in November 2021 to provide direct community investments to youth and youth serving organizations throughout the City, prioritizing communities most impacted by crime and poverty for investments. The fund was established after community groups advocated for a specific funding allocation for youth development to support the implementation of the Youth and Emerging Adults Strategic Plan, which was adopted by City Council in February 2021.

Launched in 2022, the Office of Youth Development (OYD) statement of possibility is that “youth are valued and empowered as decision-makers in the City of Long Beach to lead long-term change and solutions for the betterment of youth now and future generations.” The OYD uses an intradepartmental collective approach to uplift city youth-focused projects, programs and initiatives. OYD works with city staff, youth-serving organizations, youth leaders, parents and residents to implement the Strategic Plan for Youth and Emerging Adults. The implementation of the plan is made possible through Measure US funds.


Youth 100 Fund

The Youth 100 Fund provides mini-grant opportunities to formal and informal community groups proposing youth neighborhood engagement opportunities. Award amounts range between $500 and $2,000, based on the scope of the proposal. Examples of informal groups include student, parent and neighborhood groups without nonprofit status; formal groups are defined as entities with nonprofit status or a fiscal agent.Youth 100 Fund applications opened on March 6, 2023 and closed on April 18, 2023. 

Youth Power PB Long Beach

The Youth Power PB Long Beach provides non-profit organizations undertaking work aligned with the goals of the Youth and Emerging Adults Strategic Plan (YSP). Individual grant amounts will range between $10,000 to $75,000. Youth Power PB Long Beach is the first city-wide participatory budget pilot process and is led by the Long Beach Office of Youth Development, The Nonprofit Partnership, and The Long Beach Invest in Youth Coalition supported by Khmer Girls in Action. Participatory budgeting allows community members to decide how to directly spend a part of the public budget. 

Youth Power PB Awardees

  • 2024 Youth Power PB

    • Devotion Fitness Sunset Boxing and Wellness (Health & Wellness) $50,000
      • Devotion Fitness, which serves the LGBTQ+ and other underestimated communities, will offer 12 weeks of outdoor Boxing, Sound Baths, and Picnic-Paint & Skate Nights this summer for emerging adults ages 18 to 26 (13-17 year olds may participate by completing a parental consent form). Devotion Fitness programs help young adults navigate life by relieving stress, providing an inclusive space to exercise, and creating a lifelong community. Devotion Fitness is LGBTQ+, People of Color and Women operated to reflect those they serve. All classes are welcoming and beginner friendly, with all equipment provided.

    • Our Generation Cares — Car and Driver 101: Drive Smart, Own Responsibility (Transportation) $50,000
      • This program will take a comprehensive approach to increasing access to safe and affordable transportation for youth and emerging adults. From interactive lessons to exciting field trips, Car and Driver 101 transforms beginners into skilled drivers and instills a sense of control and independence.  With classroom instruction, practical driving lessons using a real-car-driving simulator and a loaner vehicle for youth to take the DMV test, this program ensures that participants have access to the resources necessary to obtain their driver's license. It creates systems change for young people by bridging the gap in driver's education access, regardless of socioeconomic background.

    • spcaLAspcaLA Friends for Life Summer Camp (Community Care) $25,000
      • During the week of Aug. 22, spcaLA will provide 40 scholarships for their Friends for Life Summer Camp to youth ages 12 to 15 who reside in the 90804, 90805 and 90813 zip codes. Participants will also receive transportation to and from camp, extended camp hours (8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.) and a meal. In addition to regular camp activities - dog training, cat care, games and activities – this weeklong camp will offer an expanded curriculum around anger identification, conflict solving, empathetic choices, anti-bullying and kindness towards others.

    • Success in Challenges— YEAH! - Youth Education and Adjustment Housing (Housing) $50,000
      • During this six-week program, transitional youth in Long Beach will participate in YEAH!—Youth Education and Adjustment Housing. Hosted by Success in Challenges, it will provide stable housing, community support, and life skills training. Their holistic approach addresses the distinct needs of homeless transitional-aged youth. Workshops include Financial Literacy covering topics like credit scores and budgeting. The program ends with a graduation, stipend and certificates.

    • Mission Muay Thai — Punch to Protect, Kick to Defend. (Community Care) $42,700
      • The youth movement academy is designed for self-defense tactics, martial arts practice and mindfulness. Mission Muay Thai's mission is to make a lasting impact in the lives of individuals through the transformative power of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing). Their self-defense program helps foster personal growth, discipline, and community spirit to empower and protect our youth through situational awareness. Youth will access the protective knowledge by learning the art of 8 limbs including punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and defensive tactics to protect the body from potential threats.

    • Elite Skills DevelopmentEmpowerED: Life Skills for Success (Planning for the Future) $50,000
        • EmpowerED will provide youth and young adults of LB the knowledge, practicals kills and abilities to set themselves up for future success. They will provide workshops and hands-on experiences with expert mentorship from field professionals that will help build individual independence, resiliency and economic equity. EmpowerED will dive into Daily Life Hacks and Personal Growth Power-Ups that cover everything from managing your laundry, grocery shopping on a budget, handling your finances, and job search tips.  They will also provide tips on managing social media presence, making tough decisions and setting boundaries, and giving back to community through volunteer work.
    • M.O.R.E. Mothers — Summer Full of Art Program (Health & Wellness) $50,000
      • M.O.R.E. Mothers provides youth ages 8-13 a safe and supportive environment to grow, learn and develop creatively. This program allows youth to explore their creativity through painting, drawing, creating vision boards, clay making, photography and free admission to local museums. Designed for youth with all abilities, this program will teach awareness, acceptance, community building and effective life-skills. The program will culminate in a showcase exhibit, open to the community, which will help build confidence and encourage young people to use their voices. 
    • West Coast Credible MessengersArtful Resistance and Break the School-to-Prison Cycle (Health & Wellness) $50,000 
      • This project will address the community priority area of physical, mental, and emotional wellness in Long Beach by providing teens and emerging adults with opportunities for creative expression, personal development, and community engagement. Through workshops focused on art, poetry, and collaborative projects, participants will explore themes related to the school-to-prison pipeline, build awareness of systemic barriers, and develop skills to resist oppression and advocate for change. This program is a transformative voyage of self-discovery, empowerment, and community building.

    • Future Innovators — Career CruiserLB – Youth Transport (Transportation) $32,300
      • The Career CruiserLB Youth Transport program provides a weekly accessible and reliable transport service to support the youth and emerging adults of Long Beach to assist in getting to a weekly career workshop, job fairs, hiring events, networking opportunities, visiting corporate campuses, and other job search activities. This weekly transport service will be provided to all those keen to participate in a weekly Career Workshop which will prepare youth with the skills and confidence needed to land a great job, internship or perhaps even explore further education.

  • 2023 Youth Power PB

    • California Families in Focus — I Matter 2 Program (Community Care) $70,000
      • I Matter 2 is a nine-week summer program for youth ages 13 to 21. The program, which focuses on shedding light on bullying and suicide prevention, will take place at Jordan High School from June. 26 through Aug. 25. Activities include entrepreneur workshops, teaching young people about working as makeup artists, models and photographers/videographers. Youth will also receive group mentoring by professionals who will share their life stories and tips on coping with issues affecting them. Other activities include movie nights and ice cream socials. The program will end with a professional photo shoot, a Nike shoe-making field trip and a fashion presentation.
    • Casa Youth Shelter — It’s on the Casa Program (Housing) $60,000
      • During this six-week program in central Long Beach, Casa Youth Shelter will connect youth to essential resources, including housing, basic needs and incentives. Participants will take part in activities that will be fun and support their success. Group activities will include mindfulness sessions, counseling and life skills workshops to provide a sense of community. Providing these resources will allow youth to begin their journey toward independence and help prevent youth homelessness.
    • Devotion Fitness — Sunset Boxing and Wellness Program (Health & Wellness) $20,000
      • Devotion Fitness, which serves the LGBTQ+ and other underestimated communities, will offer 12 weeks of boxing, yoga and sound bath lessons for emerging adults ages 18 to 26. The classes are beginner friendly, with equipment provided, and will be a fun way to build community. Devotion programs help young adults navigate life by building community, alleviating stress and improving physical health, while providing an affirming space to exercise. Scholarships will be available for students who need extra support.
    • M.O.R.E. Mothers — Summer full of Art (Health & Wellness) $56,892
      • This program directly aligns with positive youth development by providing 8- to 13-year-olds a supportive environment to grow, learn and develop through art. Designed for youth with all abilities, the program will teach awareness, acceptance, community-building and life skills. The program will culminate in a showcase exhibit, open to the community, which will help build confidence and encourage young people to use their voice. 
    • Jazz Angels — Summer Jazz and Much More Program (Health & Wellness) $7,608
      • Jazz Angels will host a summer program for youth, ages 11 to 17, to engage socially and musically and learn how to play jazz in a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment. Along with practice and preparation for a community performance, the program will also center around recognizing and providing youth with access to and knowledge about mental health care. Youth will learn the history of the music they will play and how it relates to their heritage, drawing from Afro-Cuban, mariachi and other Latin forms, traditional New Orleans, bebop and cool jazz. 
    • Our Generation Cares — Ignition to Independence: Car and Driver 101 Program (Transportation) $64,000
      • This pilot program will take a comprehensive approach to increasing access to safe and affordable transportation for youth and emerging adults. With classroom instruction, practical driving lessons using a real-car-driving simulator and a loaner vehicle for youth to take the DMV test, this program ensures that participants have access to the resources necessary to obtain their driver's license. It creates systems change for young people by bridging the gap in driver's education access, regardless of socioeconomic background.
    • spcaLA — spcaLA Friends for Life Summer Camp (Community Care) $21,500
      • During the week of Aug. 7, spcaLA will provide 40 scholarships for their Friends for Life Summer Camp to youth ages 14 to 17 who reside in the 90804, 90805 and 90813 zip codes. Participants will also receive transportation to and from camp, extended camp hours (8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.) and a meal. In addition to regular camp activities - dog training, cat care, games and activities – this weeklong camp will offer an expanded curriculum around anger identification, conflict solving, empathetic choices, anti-bullying and kindness towards others.
  • Youth 100 Fund

    AbilityFirst Long Beach Center - $850

    AbilityFirst will be holding a program offered three times a week over the summer that will provide a wide range of opportunities and experiences to help participants explore their interests and abilities and strengthen the skills that will prepare them for the future (employment, continuing education, and the challenges of adulthood).

    Act Out Theatre Company - $2,000

    The goals of Act Out Theatre Company’s program are to provide youth opportunities for leadership development, practical, hands-on training in a variety of arts related disciplines, and performance opportunities which are provided in a safe and creative environment. The programs foster an opportunity for children and families to build team skills, learn how to cooperate and work with each other toward common goals, improve confidence and grades, build social skills and learn social responsibility.

    Adventures to Dreams Enrichment (AtDE) - $2,000

    Throughout the summer, Adventures to Dreams Enrichment will be providing free summer activities for youth aged 6-16, aiming to encourage social skills, build self-confidence, and support creative expression through art, science, and imagination. Their summer program includes Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Day, Summer Art Camp, and Let’s Hear it for the Boys Day.

    AOC7 Neighborhood Organization - $2,000

    The funds will be used to support AOC7 Neighborhood’s Corridor of Colors Youth Art Fair. They are working with Long Beach students and local artists to create a community mural at a local neighborhood church on Rose Street. This mural will be representative of the AOC7 and greater Central Long Beach community and will be inspired by and painted by youth in the community. With the guidance of artists, participants in attendance will have a chance to paint part of the mural. There will also be an art fair where youth in attendance can experience an art and/or craft workshop, view live art demonstrations, meet local artists, create their own paintings, learn mindfulness and stress relief techniques through the creation of art, and engage with other youth in the community.

    Apply Pressure - $2,000

    Apply Pressure is bringing Hip Hop classes to youth in Long Beach with a culminating Breaking Battle/Hip-Hop Event at Open Gallery Art Studio that will be hosted in September. This program will foster physical activity, community, self-expression, and creativity, as it will provide a safe open space for our youth and families to connect through music, dance, and culture.

    Aspiranet - $2,000

    Aspiranet will be hosting a summer cooking academy that provides instruction on basic cooking skills, grocery shopping on a budget, proper food handling and storage, nutrition and healthy eating as well as dining etiquette to transitional aged youth in Long Beach.

    Benkadi, project of Community Partners - $2,000

    Benkadi’s summer camp program will take place over a 5-day period for up to 30 students from grades 4-12. The students will have an opportunity to learn how to drum and dance to West African rhythms and will be exposed to various aspects of West African culture and history. They will also participate in arts and crafts activities inspired by the traditions of the region (mask and costume making, cloth dying, drawing, jewelry making and painting, etc.). The camp will conclude with a culminating performance.

    BOSS, Inc. - $2,000

    The BOSS annual camp will be run from late July through August with the goal of preparing students for courses they will be taking in the fall, as well as fostering conscious competence. Participants will engage in a range of activities aimed at enhancing physical fitness, academic readiness, STEM skills, critical thinking, and personal development.

    Brave Global - $1,500

    Brave Global will provide Brave Circles programming for youth who are at risk of exploitation and trafficking to connect and participate in Leadership Development. They partner with Revive Church, Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) Female Leadership Academy and other local churches to host the Brave Circles for middle school and high school aged youth. The program seeks to develop successful leaders by addressing the multi-faceted issues facing young women.

    Brockus Dance Company - $1,000

    The Stanford Middle School Wellness Center is collaborating with Brockus Dance Company to offer middle school students the opportunity to learn a variety of different dances, including ballroom dance. Brockus meets weekly over 8 weeks with a group of approximately 25 students learning different dances and practicing self-care and a healthy coping skill of moving more. At the end of the sessions Stanford Middle School will put on a showcase for parents and the community of all the dances the students have learned.

    Cabrillo High School - Student Wellness Center- $800

    The Wellness Center at Cabrillo High School provides a safe space for students and their families. During the summer program, youth will incorporate mindfulness practices into their day. These practices would include having instructor lead yoga classes twice a week, meditation, and journaling. The goal is to provide students with healthy coping skills so that they are better able to manage their emotions and life circumstances.

    California Aquatic Therapy Wellness Center, Inc., DBA Pools of Hope - $2,000

    Pools of Hope is hosting a Summer Swim and Wellness Camp, benefiting 100 youth aged 8-17. The program will offer swim lessons, recreational swimming, water games, nutrition education, snacks, and various sports activities, utilizing Long Beach City College's state-of-the-art aquatic center and sports programs.

    Californians for Justice Education Fund Inc. - $2,000

    The funds will help support youth interns participating the annual Summer Youth Leadership Academy, a five-week leadership academy that will train the next generation of youth leaders by developing their personal leadership, social capital, advocacy and socioemotional skills. Participants will gain advanced knowledge in communication, public policy, media literacy, community advocacy, consensus building, and conflict mediation.

    Capsstreetwear - $1,000

    Capstreetwear will host a workshop where youth can learn how to paint with acrylic/watercolor and learn how to decorate apparel with vinyl heat transfers. The artwork and apparel they create they can take home at the end of the workshop plus mini art kits to continue their own projects at home. The goal of this workshop is for the participants to have a positive and uplifting experience through art, with the hope it will spark something in everyone.

    Cloud Seven Bicycle Club - $1,095

    Cloud Seven Bicycle Club will be hosting their 3rd Annual "Start of the Summer Bike Ride" event. This event will be an eight (8) mile round trip bike ride that kicks off multiple summer group bicycling opportunities. They will provide snacks, water, safety equipment, and rental bikes for these events. Our goal is to bring young people and families together to develop a sense of community, create space for intergenerational healing and build healthy habits.

    Coco Beach Presents - $2,000

    Coco Beach Presents will be hosting "Dine Like a Pro: Exploring Cultural Food and Dining Etiquette" workshop which aims to educate and engage youth in Long Beach by teaching them dining etiquette and introducing them to diverse cultural foods. The interactive experience will promote cultural awareness and respect, benefiting participants in their personal and professional relationships. Participants, aged 13-24, will gain knowledge of Long Beach's diverse

    food scene and demonstrate proper dining etiquette and familiarity with various cultural dishes by the end of the workshop.

    Conservation Corps of Long Beach - $2,000

    The requested funds will be used towards implementing a Community E-Waste and Recycling Resource Fair at Conservation Corps of Long Beach’s Environmental Education Center at DeForest Park. This event will address the areas of public health, climate change efforts and youth development. The resource fair will consist of representatives from various agencies providing resources for the community like the Department of Mental Health, the Good Seed, the Multi-service Center, Long Beach City College, Long Beach Health Department, and Long Beach Animal Care Services.

    Creative Flow Art - $2,000

    Creative Flow Art will provide an art program over six weeks to engage youth in practical and hands-on activities, infusing their personal meaning and experience and deeply exploring the materials. Their goal is to enhance social skills through the arts, promote awareness of arts education for career paths, create a safe environment outside of school, and help 100 youth find employment in art-related fields.

    DemoChicks - $2,000

    Funding will be used to support the DemoChicks DemoDiscovery camp which will be a week of hands-on, and immersive architecture, construction, and engineering (ACE) exposure for 20 high school-aged girls on a college campus and construction site. The camp will include training sessions, mentor sessions from ACE leaders, and allows participants to participate in a project together.

    Disabled Resources Center, Inc. - $2,000

    Disabled Resources Center, Inc. will use this funding to equip Transitional Youth (14-24) with disabilities for self-reliant community living. Community living tools include Independent Living Skills and learning practical computer skills. The students learn what makes a computer work, put the pieces together, and gain the satisfaction and sense of achievement of completing a task, working together in a small class.

    Edwin and Dorothy Baker Foundation DBA DAYS Long Beach - $2,000

    The DAYS Long Beach summer program is offered between June 26 thru August 4 with a unique program consisting of a variety of activities to stimulate curiosity, deepen knowledge, and promote mental and physical well-being. Our program is designed to build relationships, provide a safe out-of-school time space while increasing youth’s engagement in school by learning through activities that are directly linked to school goals and objectives.

    Fresh Education Inc - $2,000

    Fresh Education will help make summer learning FUN for TK to 8th Grade children with Summer Science Camp 2023 with The Circle LB. This camp offers an in-person, safe environment with outdoor activities, art, and field trips, all facilitated within small groups, or “Circles”. Summer Camp themes include, "Backbone Not Required!", "Branching Out", "Buzz and Flutter", "Humans Are Hip", "Marvelous Mammals", and "Wonderful Water".

    Genius Only - $2,000

    Genius Only will be hosting a youth summer event and will provide books, clothes, and educational performances, aiming to clothe the community and offer access to experiences and information that may be limited. The goal is to empower the community through education, personal development, and access to resources they may not have readily available.

    Gyift Foundation - $2,000

    The funds will be used by Gyift Foundation to support their Special Summer Experiential Learning Field Trip to Kidspace Museum in Pasadena for 50 youth participants aged 5-18 residing in low-income or houseless families in Long Beach.

    High School Peace Club Alliance - $1,500

    The High School Peace Club Alliance is organizing a Peace Camp for Youth at Terra Madre Gardens from June 19th to 22nd . This four-day camp will focus on networking and community building where high school students will be able to explore social justice issues that exist in their community, learn the process of problem solving and how to get themselves and their community involved in making change.

    His Little Feet - $2,000

    His Little Feet will be hosting a "Back to School" summer event on August 26th aimed at distributing new, name brand shoes (such as Nike, Vans, and Adidas) and school supplies for youth 18 years and younger experiencing homelessness, poverty and/or neglect. Lunch, dessert, live music, and games are all provided at no charge.

    Joseph Learning Lab - $2,000

    The funding will be used to support students in food insecure families and provide supplies at Joseph Learning Labs’s Summer Enrichment Program. The program aims to help underserved children in the Long Beach community recover from COVID-19 learning challenges by providing qualified teachers who assist them in core subjects, build confidence, and make learning enjoyable.

    LBKids4Now - $500

    LBKids4Now is creating neighborhood activities and an opportunity for kids to meet and hang out during the summer. Activities will include summer movies after dark, a foam party or nerf wars party at the park. This informal group is also planning other potential activities including a go fly a kite day, beach day trip, and a skatepark trip for the kids in the neighborhood.

    Long Beach Area Council, Boy Scouts of America - $2,000

    The Long Beach Area Council will use the funds to cover the costs of transportation, activities/program supplies, boat fuel, and food for 50 youth and their parents to participate in the Day at the Sea Base Event through the Scoutreach program. The youth will participate in rowing, canoeing, swimming, motor boat rides, and a STEM project.

    Long Beach Blues Society - $2,000

    The Long Beach Blues Society will host a summer Internship Program for 10 Long Beach High School youth to learn employment skills through supporting website and social media efforts, music event planning, and music production. This funding will support paid internship stipends so these youth can support the planning and running of culturally relevant shows for diverse audiences, as well as in inclusive open spaces in the park.

    Long Beach Community Action Partnership (LBCAP) - $2,000

    Long Beach Community Action Partnership will use the grant funds to help purchase grocery gift vouchers for the youth participating in our Leadership ARTS Mentoring Program (LAMP)'s Summer 2023 internship. This program specifically serves youth currently living in low-income households and teaches leadership skills through 4 digital media art disciplines (Film/TV Production, Graphic Design, Music Production, and Photography.

    Long Beach Unity Festival Inc. - $2,000

    Long Beach Unity Festival will be conducting a 2.5-week long Summer Arts and Basketball Camp called Sky Kids Creative Arts in Action, and Eagles Basketball & Mentoring. These programs focus on empowering youth through fostering creativity, building self-esteem, and developing leadership skills. It offers opportunities for education, cultural exchange, and physical fitness, aiming to provide access and support regardless of the participants' socioeconomic background.

    Long Beach Youth Chorus - $2,000

    The funds will support the 2nd annual Summer Arts Institute (SAI) and the Long Beach Family Arts Festival (LBFAF). These summer programs aim to deepen children and youth's understanding of various arts disciplines while creating connections and visibility for participating arts organizations through LBFAF.

    Lutheran Social Services of Southern California - $2,000

    The funding will be utilized for Lutheran Social Services’ youth summer engagement event On August 26th which includes a back-to-school extravaganza, community resources, and activities to improve the overall well-being of Long Beach youths and families. Activities are intentionally designed to establish a pathway for youth in low-income communities to break cycles of poverty through education and training.

    Mack Calvin Youth Empowerment Foundation - $2,000

    Mack Calvin Youth Empowerment Foundation will use the funding to help stage their summer 2023 Youth Educational- Basketball Fundamental Camp, July 24-26, 2023. The camps are free for participants and will be held at the Salvation Army facility, at Long Beach Blvd and Spring St. making it convenient for community members in North Long Beach to be able to participate.

    Musique Sur La Mer Orchestras, Inc - $2,000

    Musique Sur La Mer Orchestras is offering a Summer Camp that consists of the following: Musical Skills Development, Health, Fitness, and Physical/Emotional Well-being, Community Engagement, Educational Support, and Personal Development/Leadership Skills. Highlights include Community Drum Circles, Yoga, and field trips to local museums.

    Neighbors of D7 Long Beach - $2,000

    Neighbors of D7 Long Beach is hosting a "Hip Hop on the Block" event in West Long Beach to bring Hip Hop programming to youth. The event includes a youth Breaking Battle, live DJ and MC sets, and live painting, aiming to inspire the next generation to learn about Hip Hop culture and Breaking. By fostering physical activity, community connection, self-expression, and providing an alternative to violence, the event contributes to public safety and empowers at-risk youth in the Long Beach community.

    Pony Box Dance Theatre - $2,000

    Pony Box Dance Theatre will host a weeklong summer dance intensive at Dooley Elementary school culminating with a public showing. Students will learn a variety of styles of dance, including hip hop, modern dance, Latin social and ballet. This intensive would allow youth the opportunity to be physically active, learn about different dance forms, cultivate social skills and learn how dance can be used as a form of emotional expression.

    Project Optimism - $2,000

    Project Optimism intends to use the funds for their annual Power of Giving: School Supply Giveaway and Community Resource Fair. While providing quality school supplies for Long Beach youth, there will also be a holistic Resource Fair component for families and students to promote community building, healthy equity, and other local community resources. Vendors will be stationed based on three categories: mental and spiritual health, physical health, and social health.

    Rising TIDE @ MKEC - $2,000

    The funds will be used in support of Rising TIDE @ MKEC’s Work Preparedness Program that helps provide leadership for a 6-week summer program. Programming includes reading, math, science, and world awareness learning opportunities in the mornings. Afternoons include life skills, health and wellness, MADD INC (Music, Art, Drama, Dance Incorporating New Creativity), ethics, Leadership Academy, and an optional summer bible club.

    Sowing Seeds of Change - $2,000

    The funds awarded will be used to purchase materials necessary to plant, grow, harvest & prepare food grown at the Sowing Seeds of Change farm with students over a 6-week period. The goal is to provide students with the firsthand learning experience of growing and enjoying meals made from crops grown by them. Once the crops are ready for harvest, we will create recipes based on the food we have grown. The program curriculum will provide students with a full circle farm-to-table learning experience, with each of the weeks dedicated to learning about different aspects of growing crops.

    Sports Resource Program - $2,000

    The Sports Resource Program will be offering sports clinics, basketball camps, and organized games throughout the summer, promoting values, confidence, and life skills development. By targeting at-risk youth and working with local parks, recreation centers, and schools, the program aims to engage participants, foster teamwork, and encourage personal growth through sports.

    Starr King Neighborhood Association - $2,000

    The Starr King Neighborhood Association is holding a Block Party on August 19th which will include a resource fair with non-profit organizations promoting youth related services. Youth will be able to participate in health screenings, arts activities, and sports. The Block Party will also include food & drinks, DJ, games, prizes, decorations, table & chair rental, face painting, jumper, decorations, and arts & craft activities for youth in the neighborhood.

    The Arts and Enrichment Academy - $2,000

    The Arts and Enrichment Academy will host multiple hands-on, interactive summer programming options and this funding will help support these offerings for youth. These include a Songwriters Workshop, Theater Performance, and Film Making.

    The Blacc Sheep - $2,000

    The Blacc Sheep will run a braid mentorship program that will help youth develop skills in the cosmetology and braid industry. In addition to receiving hands-on training in braiding techniques, tools, products, and trends, the youth will also gain knowledge in clientele management, credit building, and the financial aspects of starting a business.

    The Exceptional Day of Play - $1,000

    The Exceptional Day of Play caters to providing accessible activities to children with special needs in the Long Beach area. Each “day of play” features sensory based activities universally designed to provide an inclusive environment where children with special needs can interact with their peers in a judgement-free zone. These events cater to improving fine motor skills and stimulating the senses. Every event includes sensory bins, water play, arts and crafts, and interactive games.

    The Green Pines Creative Foundation - $2,000

    The Green Pines Creative Foundation uses art, music, and entrepreneurship to teach authentic life skills to artists who have “aged-out” of systems like foster care through the Young Creatives program. These two days per week workshops will allow them to expand their programming to teens so that they can monetize their creative projects.

    The Heart of Ida - $2,000

    The funds will be used for The Heart of Ida’s Intergenerational Digital Inclusion Program. The program employs Long Beach teens to assist older adults with technology. Teens assist with email, texting, social media, uploading photos, searching the internet, helping to fill out applications, etc. This important program empowers older adults to understand technology and get assistance where needed, while providing a workforce development opportunity for teens.

    The Infinite Stage - $2,000

    The Infinite State will be using the funds to create a unique experience called the "Instrument Petting Zoo," where participants can try playing various instruments under the guidance of professional musicians. The program offers an interactive and educational opportunity for attendees to explore and engage with different musical instruments.

    The Mustard Seed Enterprises - $1,000

    The Mustard Seed Enterprises will host weekly sessions to teach participants how to sew. The specific goals of the sessions are to introduce or familiarize participants to the art of sewing and the use of a sewing machine including how to thread the sewing machine, wind a bobbin, cut out fabric, pin fabric to get it ready to sew, and correctly sew basic seams. The participants will also learn how to choose their fabrics and decorate their projects using simple patterns, materials and their own creativity as well as learning a new skill while having fun.

    TreePeople - $1,755

    TreePeople is supporting the Franklin Classical Middle School Garden Club on a trip to the El Dorado Nature Center as part of the Generation Earth program. They have been learning about water issues in Los Angeles County such as water pollution, mulch, compost, and the benefits of trees and will be provided with the opportunity to learn about actions they can take to protect their community to decrease the negative environmental impacts.

    We the People High School - $2,000

    Funds will be used to take 65 students, grades 9 - 12, and 8 teachers to the Museum of Tolerance for a tour and educational experience. Content and exhibits explored at the museum tie into student learning about the Holocaust and what it means to be an up stander (as opposed to a bystander).

    You Run This Town Foundation - $2,000

    You Run This Town Foundation will host a backpack drive happening on August 4th to help teens and transitional age youth from limited resource communities. The event will be at St. Anthony’s High School and will provide youth with the essential items including hygiene kits, school supplies, nonperishable food, and clothing.

    Young Scientists Camp/See Us Succeed hosted by the College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics, CSULB - $2,000

    Young Scientists Camp (YSC) has a dual purpose of providing two weeks of hands-on, inquiry-based science instruction for area youth (grades 2-8) while providing a mentored teaching experience for prospective K-12 teachers. This funding will support program participation by youth who would not otherwise be able to attend.

    Youth Care Agents - $2,000

    With the funds, Youth Care Agents will be hosting a one-week program targeting youth aged 10-18 called "May the Force be With You" workshop, aiming to provide an engaging and fun learning experience centered around Star Wars culture and the knowledge of the Force. With experienced young instructors, the program incorporates activities like screenings, discussions, hands-on training, and storytelling to promote teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

  • Intergenerational Grants

    Earthlodge Center for Transformation - $50,000

    The Earthlodge Center for Transformation will host and facilitate their Intergenerational Care Connection Program, over the course of 4 weekend retreats (Saturday and Sunday) to implement Black Southern Indigenous epistemologies, holistic wellness, intergenerational mentorship, counseling, and crisis interventions for 40 low-income youth in Long Beach ages 8-24 along with 40 parents, caregivers, or adult allies. Workshops will be facilitated and taught by intergenerational Earthlodge Anchor leaders ranging from ages 21-70 who will provide holistic wellness modalities for youth to carry tools such as having a growth mindset, gratitude, the cultivation of self-awareness and communal-awareness, decision making and their consequences, and setting realistic goals inspiring youth to prepare for life after high school and college that is centered in higher-education and community-driven paths rather than the prison industrial complex. Children exposed to gun violence perpetuates PTSD and the continuation and desensitization of violence.

    Long Beach Bar Foundation - $50,000

    The Long Beach Bar Foundation summer program aims to provide a unique opportunity for seniors to learn about technology from youth mentors and for our youth to receive the benefits and empowerment of culturally affirming programming while having an adult role model. We believe that intergenerational learning can have a positive impact on both the mentor and mentee, and we are committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for this exchange to take place. Intergenerational mentorship opportunities foster mutual learning and growth. Youth benefit from the wisdom, experience, and guidance of older mentors, gaining valuable insights and avoiding potential pitfalls. Simultaneously, older mentors find purpose, fulfillment, and a renewed sense of relevance by imparting their knowledge and witnessing the positive impact they have on younger individuals, bridging generational gaps and creating a stronger, more interconnected society.

    Operation Jumpstart - $50,000

    Operation Jumpstart will be presenting a summer learning series which will equip students with the needed tools to enter the 2023-2024 school year ready to meet academic challenges. The academic workshop series will offer 5 days of programming focusing on topics like, test taking strategies and mastering test anxiety, note taking and critical thinking skills, essay writing, and workshops to refresh science and math skills. Workshops will be designed to meet the needs of each grade level. Additionally, each student will receive individualized case management sessions to assist them in planning for the upcoming year. For adults, they will be offering a series of workshops that will cover topics such as setting expectations, providing positive reinforcement, and helping children with homework. These workshops will be led by experienced educators and will provide parents with the information and skills they need to best support their children’s educational goals. Furthermore, we will offer mentor training to ensure our mentors are equipped with the necessary skills to effectively guide and support their mentees.

    Success in Challenges - $50,000

    Success in Challenges seeks to address negative stereotypes with a dedicated program where Black men instruct Black boys, at an early age, in the underpinning values which will improve their chances of being healthy, prosperous, contributing members of society and a set of resources designed to create a pipeline of instruction and support for Black boys and their families. Pathways to Adulthood, is a rigorous monthly rites of passage/male mentoring program created for African American boys between the ages of 9-24 residing in the Greater Long Beach area (e.g West, North, East, etc.). The program addresses boyhood-to-adulthood transition issues and helps these young men live healthy lives while strengthening their families and the community. The program model uses adult volunteer mentors who will commit to supporting, guiding, and assisting the young men for 3 months.

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