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Cannabis Equity

Community Reinvestment

The Cannabis Social Equity Program requires adult-use cannabis businesses to submit plans describing how they intend to support and reinvest in communities most impacted by the war on drugs. The process to review, approve and track community reinvestment plans will be overseen by the Office of Equity.

Each Community Reinvestment Plan shall follow the Community Reinvestment Plan Rules and Procedures and describe how the Adult-Use Cannabis Business intends to support one or more of the following Community Priorities within eligible Social Equity Program Census Tracts: 

  • Child & Youth Development 
  • Violence Prevention 
  • Re-Entry 
  • Economic Inclusion 

The Office of Equity will provide a list of eligible community-based organizations to Adult-Use Cannabis Businesses. Organizations interested in partnering with an adult-use cannabis business can be listed by completing this form 

Adult-use Cannabis Businesses can select an organization from the list provided by the Office of Equity or they may identify and develop a plan with an organization not on the list. Office of Equity will release the Reinvestment Plan template for businesses by mid-November 2020. 

Cannabis Reinvestment Rules & Procedures

11/4/2020 Webinar for Community-Based Organizations: Recording and Slides

Frequently Asked Questions (Coming soon!) 

Reinvestment Plan Template (Coming soon!)


For more information, please email EquityLB@longbeach.gov