The Asthma Life Skills Academy for Adults (ALSAA)
ALSAA is a well-established asthma intervention and case management program. Along with hospital and nonprofit partners, we serve children, adults, and seniors to efficiently integrate new and improved interventions that lessen the impact of the poor air quality in Long Beach.

Lead Program
Homes built in the United States before 1978 could contain lead-based paint.  Lead poisoning in children ages 1-5 can damage their brain and nervous system and cause behavior and learning problems.  The staff working in this program target housing with potential lead paint problems to ensure lead hazards are eliminated. Learn more about childhood lead poisoning prevention program here.

Healthy Home Initiative
Residents leaving in substandard housing units are in higher risk of exposure to indoor toxics, illnesses and injuries.  Staff in this program address the broad range of housing deficiencies and hazards associated with unhealthy and unsafe homes. This is achieved through training, education and sometimes in-home inspections and repairs. Learn how you can support good health through improving housing conditions here