Cross-connection is an actual or potential piping system or structural arrangement in which potable water may possibly pass or come in contact with non-potable water, used water, industrial fluid, gas, or other hazardous or contaminated substance other than the intended potable water. A variety of businesses and facilities are inspected to determine if interconnection between potable and non-potable water systems exists. 

Recycled Water Inspections

Every four years a "shut down" test is performed on all sites that are using recycled water. This test is to ensure that there is no cross-connection between the domestic water lines and the recycled water lines.  The test may take several hours to perform depending on the size of the facility and the number of personnel.  Most inspections are performed early in the morning before the facility is open or after hours.  All recycled water pipes, valves, controllers, and boxes must be purple or properly tagged.

Commercial Low Impact Development Project (LID)

Line Clearance

 Backflow Survey