Vector Control Program: Reporting


Birds in the Corvid family (crows, jays and magpies) are particularly susceptible to West Nile Virus and as such, make excellent early warning sentinels for West Nile Virus in our community. Tracking the time and location of dead bird reports helps the Health Department's Vector Control Program plan and direct their control efforts to prevent potential human cases. If you see a dead bird that is less than 24 hours old and is still intact please call1-877-WNV-BIRD (1-877-968-2473) or report online. It is important to report all dead birds to the Hotline, even if they are over 24 hours old or traumatized. The department can still use the information for tracking purposes.


A green pool is a swimming pool or spa that is not being properly maintained (e.g. stagnant water). The water in the pool may appear green due to algae growth and poor maintenance. A green pool is an ideal place for mosquitoes to breed.

If you know of a green pool in your neighborhood, please call us at 562-570-4132 and follow the recorded instructions. You can press 0 during the recording to talk to a clerk Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm or you can leave a message.

Please provide us with the following information:

  1. Location/address of green pool?
  2. Is address a single family home or apartment?
  3. Is property vacant or is someone living there?
  4. Complainant's name and phone number if we need to follow-up for additional information (optional)

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