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Chicken Coop Mosquito Trap Mosquio Net 

The purpose of surveillance is to accurately identify and monitor the onset, spread, and risk of WNV in the community. Surveillance includes the monitoring of adult mosquito populations, mosquito infections, avian infections, and human cases.

  • Mosquito breeding season is usually from May through October.
  • Our staff provides mosquito surveillance on a weekly basis by monitoring potential breeding sites for mosquito habitation.
  • Our staff use mosquito traps containing carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes. There are usually 10-22 traps located throughout the City. Mosquitoes collected in the traps are pooled into groups and submitted each week for testing. (See photo of mosquito trap above)
  • Avian testing is done to detect the transmission of the virus in bird populations. Four chicken coops are dispersed throughout the city, and the chickens are bled every two weeks. (See photo of chicken coop above) These blood samples are sent to the State for WNV testing. Dead birds and squirrels are also collected and submitted to the State for WNV testing. Avian testing is a valuable tool for predicting and tracking WNV.