Mosquito fish are a critical part of the Vector Control Program’s integrated approach to mosquito control. Mosquito fish have a tremendous appetite for mosquito larvae and are very effective at preventing the production of mosquitoes in water containers that are too large to dump out. They are an excellent choice for non-chlorinated, out-of-service swimming pools, and ornamental ponds.

Mosquito fish are not native to California. They can upset the natural balance of the ecosystem, and therefore should not be used in situations where they may escape into natural waterways and become pests. If you have any questions about the appropriate placement of mosquito fish, please contact our office at (562) 570-4132 and/or complete Mosquito Fish Request Form and submit it to our office accordingly. 

If at a later date, you would like to get rid of your mosquitofish, please do not take them to a pond or stream. It is against California Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations for private citizens to plant mosquito fish into waters of the state without a permit. – Title 14 CCR, Fish and Game Code, Sections 1.63, 6400, and 238.5