Rodents are more than a nuisance; they can spread disease, damage structures and contaminate food. They can also transmit a number of serious diseases, including Arenavirus infection, Hantavirus, Plague and Typhus. 

To maintain rodent control, Vector Control staff routinely applies treatment to public properties such as shorelines, harbors, and parks.

To check for the presence of rodents, look for:

  • Gnawing marks on wood, plastic, metal and food packaging
  • Rodent droppings and urine stains
  • Tail and footprint marks in dust

If a rodent infestation in a public area is particularly severe, staff will respond and abate the problem.

Steps You Can Take To Prevent Infestation:

  1. Do not store surplus garbage in cardboard, plastic or paper bags
  2. Search for small holes or openings around the home and stuff with steel wool, cover with sheet metal or cover with plastic
  3. Store food in rodent-proof glass or metal containers
  4. Use baits or rodenticides
  5. Wash out garbage cans periodically and never leave them open at night