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The Office of Veterans Support  

The Office of Veterans Support

The Long Beach Office of Veterans Support was established in October 2022 upon the recommendation of the Veterans Commission in its Veterans Strategic Plan. The OVS serves as the infrastructure to carry out the goals, objectives and strategies outlined in the strategic plan. As such, it oversees and manages the City’s efforts to uplift and support Veterans by: 
  • Coordinating City-wide efforts to recognize Veterans through public celebrations that bring Veterans and non-Veterans together.   
  • Serving as lead convener of local public and private and non-profit and for-profit organizations and agencies that serve Veterans at transition and throughout their lifetimes for the City of Long Beach.  
  • Connecting Veterans to the local resources and services they need when they need them.  
  • Partnering with resource and service providers to connect Veterans to local education, networking, job training, and career-building opportunities.   
  • Serving as the “go-to” for up-to-date information on all local Veterans-related resources, services, programs, policies, public celebrations and demographic data for the City of Long Beach and Greater Long Beach Veterans’ community.   
  • Making or supporting policy recommendations at the City, County, state and federal levels in the areas of affordable housing, homelessness, education, employment and mental and physical health and well-being for our local Veterans.  

The Long Beach Veterans Commission

The Long Beach Veterans Commission was established in 2017 and housed in the City’s Department of Health and Human Services. It comprises nine members, one representative for each of the City’s nine Council Districts. The Veterans Commission produced the Veterans Strategic Plan, which resulted in the establishment of the Long Beach Office of Veterans Support (OVS), and now oversees and coordinates the activities of the OVS. 

Veterans Banners Program

Veterans Strategic Plan

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