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Breastfeeding Support Program (MCAH)

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We recognize that breastfeeding is the optimal nutrition for infants and we are devoted to providing support and education to help you sucessfully breastfeed your baby. Services are provided by our International Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Certitifed Lactation Educators (CLE).

Who qualifies for this program?

All women who want to breastfeed (exclusive or combo) and live Long Beach are eligible to be referred to the Breastfeeding Support program. A doctor's order IS NOT required and services are free of charge. All breastfeeding women should be informed that a Lactation Consultant will contact them after discharge and to discuss ongoing support and education needs.

What support and services will the patients receive?

Upon initial phone contact with the patient, the Lactation Consultant will assess breastfeeding concerns and arrange for a home visit. In the home, they will perform a breastfeeding assessment to determine if additional education or support is needed. If the mother or baby has a problem that requires additional follow-up, they will be linked to appropriate resources (Certified Lactation Consultant, physician, etc). If the mother requires ongoing support and education, the Lactation Consultant will make return visits as necessary.

How do I make a referral?

Referral Form

When a patient has a written discharge order, a referral form should be completed by the nurse or hospital personnel.  It is important that every question is completed in order to ensure that the Lactation Consultant has updated contact information. It is recommended that the patients phone number is verified and not rely on what is on the admission form. The referral form was designed to make the referral process as easy as possible to be completed. The information on the form is essential to help the triage and prioritize referrals. Once the referral form is completed, it should be faxed to 562-570-8122 or emailed to luz.parra@longbeach.gov.

Flyers and Resources

Breastfeeding Flyer (ENG) Breastfeeding Flyer (SPA)