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New Cottage Food Legislation (California Homemade Food Act)

Assembly Bill 1616, known as the Cottage Food Bill, was passed into law on September 21, 2012 and became active on January 1, 2013. This law allows for the manufacturing and sale of specific low-risk food products from a private home.

We would like to assist you in starting up your new Cottage Food Operation (CFO). The application process is simple and streamlined to assist you in getting your new operation up and running quickly to produce safe and properly labeled homemade food products. You should begin by deciding what food(s) you will be making and selling, and how you will be selling these food products (directly or indirectly to the public). Once you have this information, you can begin the application process. Make sure to read the below additional information to ensure your food is approved for Cottage Food Operations, and you are familiar with the requirements.

One Time Application Fee:  $116

There are Two Classifications of CFOs:

Class A Cottage Food Operations - Annual Registration Fee $104

Class A CFOs are only allowed to engage in "direct sale" of cottage food. "Direct sale" means a transaction between a CFO operator and a consumer, where the consumer purchases the cottage food product direct from the CFO. Direct sales include, but are not limited to, transactions at holiday bazaars or other temporary events, such as bake sales or food swaps, transactions at farm stands, certified farmers' markets, or through community-supported agriculture subscriptions, and transactions occurring in person in the cottage food operation. 

Class B Cottage Food Operations -Annual Registration Fee $321

Class B CFOs may engage in both "direct sale" and "indirect sale" of cottage food. "Indirect sale" means an interaction between a CFO, a third-party retailer, and a consumer, where the consumer purchases cottage food products made by the CFO from a third-party retailer that holds a valid permit issued by the local environmental health agency in their jurisdiction. Indirect sales include, but are not limited to, sales made to retail shops or to retail food facilities where food may be immediately consumed on the premises.

In addition, please contact the City of Long Beach Business Licensing Division at 562-570-6211 for possible additional requirements.

Check the following links for additional information you may find helpful in starting up your Cottage Food Operation:

If you have any questions, please contact us @ 562-570-4132

We look forward to working with you to make your new business a success!!