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One Item a Month. One Step Closer to Being Prepared.

It's a new year, Long Beach. And with the start of 2016, many of you have made resolutions for yourselves. Our resolution for this year is to help Long Beach be better prepared for the emergencies that may come our way. Even though we hope not to experience earthquakes, severe storms and flooding, extreme heat, disease outbreaks, or any other incidents like these, we want you be as prepared as you possible can be if and when these things occur.

One of the best ways to do this is to assemble an Emergency Kit with the items you and your family may need to survive an emergency. While there are kits you can purchase, you can also assemble one on your own (especially if you follow our Emergency Preparedness Kit Guide). We know that assembling a kit can be quite a task; and although they see it as important, people often put off making plans and kits.

So the Health Department will be supporting Long Beach over 2016, encouraging you to add one item to your kit each month. By focusing on one item a month, we hope that the community will acquire put together a full kit over the year without making a heavy dent on those wallets.

Already have a kit? Then use the month to update or switch out that month's featured item. Remember, it's not only important to have a kit, but to keep it updated. By the end of 2016, we hope that many of you in Long Beach will be better prepared for any type of emergency that comes your way.

One item a month. One step closer to being prepared.