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Emergency Response Overview

On January 10, 2023, the Long Beach City Council adopted, in an 8-0 vote, the City Manager’s proclamation of a local homelessness emergency. The local emergency strengthens the City’s preparedness and ability to respond to homelessness.

The emergency also allows for increased ability to hire or contract critical roles and recruit qualified candidates; more quickly engage needed services, material and labor; speed up large-scale construction projects such as motel conversions and tiny homes; and work through zoning requirements that currently exclude certain uses of existing properties.

Following the adoption of the proclamation City leadership established an Incident Command Center and identified nine work groups consisting of 100 people to take on the various aspects of homelessness emergency response.

The City’s stated mission is to reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness in the City and the region by increasing housing opportunities and by enhancing current initiatives that provide field-based outreach, engagement, and supportive services while maintaining the safety and security of the people experiencing homelessness, the general public and staff, and address and improve overall public safety for the entire community. The nine work groups, each assigned to a different focus area, have been convened to support this mission.                                                  

Emergency Response Activities