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The City of Long Beach, Recruitment Incentive Program provides an incentive to attract candidates to positions that have been traditionally difficult to fill or experience high rates of turnover.

Candidates may be eligible to receive up to $6,000.


Positions eligible* for the program are those that have been traditionally difficult to fill or experience high turnover. Eligible Candidates include new hires and prior service employees that have not been employed by the City of Long Beach within the last two years.

*The following are not eligible for the Recruitment Incentive Program: Current City Employees, Public Safety positions (Fire/Police) except Police Recruits, Special Services Officers, Park Rangers, and Public Safety Dispatchers.


Is there a list that identifies which positions are eligible for the incentive?
No, there is no predetermined list of positions that qualify for the Recruitment Incentive Program. Qualifying positions will include additional details on the job bulletin indicating the incentive and the amount offered. 

Will I receive the full amount of the recruitment incentive upon hire? 
No, eligible hire will be paid in three specific intervals during their employment. The first payment will be paid upon hire, the second payment will be issued upon successful completion of the employee's probationary period and the final payment will be issued upon completion of 3132 hours worked.

Will I receive $6,000?
Recruitment incentives vary depending on the position with a maximum of $6,000. Please reference the job bulletin in which you applied to confirm the amount of the incentive. 

Is the incentive pay reported to CalPERS?
No, the recruitment incentive is not reported to CalPERS as compensation earned. 

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