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We are Measure A

Published: 5/2/2018

In 2016, Long Beach voters approved Measure A, authorizing a 10-year increase in the City sales tax in order to provide funding for improvements in public infrastructure and safety.  The "yes" vote by the citizens of Long Beach set scores of City employees in motion:  They are currently involved in several Measure A - funded projects, all dedicated to the maintenance and renovation of bridges, streets, sidewalks, police and fire stations, libraries, senior centers, and facilities that provide other essential City services.  

Whether it's the paramedic at a newly opened Long Beach rescue station, the building inspector overseeing long-awaited construction projects, or the volunteer cat rescuer creating healthy habitats at the City animal shelter, these individuals have been re-energized by Measure A funding and are at work applying their talents for the benefit of the entire city.  

Often, City employees are the anonymous individuals behind the reflective vest or the distant siren.  Here is an opportunity to meet some of the diverse and highly skilled personalities who make up the driving force behind many Measure A funded projects.

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