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We use Design-Based Innovation to
accelerate the capacity of City Hall.

Our mission is to create impactful  new approaches to city government and drive meaningful and measurable reform to effectively deliver change to the people of Long Beach.


The act of innovating encourages us to look around and problem solve. Innovation is seeing the dots that others may not and then connecting them. This is necessary to move forward.  Innovation does not always mean creating something brand new or even developing a technology-based solution. It requires considering all individuals and their needs in an equitable way.  Sometimes, we just need to explore what has already been done and modify it for the specific user.



So that we are easily understood.
So that we communicate our ideas directly and effectively.
So that we inspire others to act.


We believe that we can triumph over burdensome processes.
We believe that others who share our vision will work with us.
We believe that together we can help improve the City of Long Beach.


To appeal to all audiences
To be understood and unmistakable.
To keep pace with city changes.