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Internet Permitting Requests Application Instructions

If you are a California licensed contractor who frequently performs simple construction projects in Long Beach, you may be eligible for our Internet Permitting Request service. Being registered with this service allows you to apply for necessary permits online, for simple projects such as water heater replacements, electrical service, heating upgrades, window replacements, and re-roofing. Applying will require a one-time, in-person registration.

At this time please submit to

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during these challenging times.

The Internet Permitting Request service is available to California Licensed Contractors who frequently perform simple construction projects in Long Beach. Examples of simple projects are water heater replacements, electrical service or heating upgrades, window replacements, re-roof, etc.

The following information will aid you in submitting your application for Internet Permitting Request services. Applying will require a one-time, in-person registration.

  1. Please bring the following items to the Development Permit Center located at Long Beach City Hall, 411 West Ocean Boulevard, 2nd Floor, to register:
  1. Once the application is approved, a processing fee (in accordance with the City's current Fee Schedule) will need to be paid. Please note that an additional fee may be charged to create a new account, even if the Contractor remains the same.
  1. Once the application is approved, you will be provided with a unique personal identification number (PIN) that will allow you to submit a permit application online.  Your PIN must be provided each time a permit is requested.
  1. Staff will make every effort to ensure that the Permitting Request is processed promptly.

  2. Please contact cashiering within 3-4 days after submitting permit application at 562-570- PAID (562-570-7243) to pay by credit card over the phone.  Payment can be made by cash or check at: 411 W. Ocean Blvd. 2nd Fl., Long Beach, Ca 90802.

1 Documents must be signed by the Licensed Contractor; however, if an applicant is submitting documents as an Authorized Agent, a notarized authorization letter signed by the Licensed Contractor must be provided along with a copy of the Licensed Contractor’s driver license to verify his/her signature.