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Plan Review Status

Once you’ve successfully submitted a permit application and accompanying building and construction documents to the City for plan review, a project number will be created which you can then use to track the plan review status and progress of your project utilizing the search tool at the bottom of this page.

How Does It Work?

To check the plan review status and progress of a project, you will need to enter the project number into the search field (e.g., BNEW123456). Once you’ve entered the project number, click on the “Submit” button to begin the query of the project. The requested information will be displayed below the search field.

What Does My Project Status Mean?

Your project status will indicate where you are in the project review process. A project starts with the “Submittal” status and eventually concludes with a “Completed” status. The various types of statuses are outlined below.

Your application has been submitted and received by staff and a project number has been created. Your application will proceed to the next step once staff has confirmed that all required documents and/or information have been received.

Application is being screened for completeness, determination of applicable fees, and route to the various agencies required to review the project. Application will proceed to Step 3 (Review) when staff complete the screening process.

Your application is now in the Review step and is awaiting assignment and action by plan review staff.

The specific Review Status will indicate the current result or status of a plan review type. The types of Review Status are as follows:

  • Approval Pending: Review is close to an approval pending resolution of some minor comment(s)
  • Approved: Review is approved
  • Correction Issued: Review is completed, and outstanding comments are issued that need resolution
  • Pending: Project review is pending assignment to plan check staff. Project reviews will be assigned in the order they are received. Processing times will vary depending on the number of projects currently ahead.
  • Pending Resubmittal/Recheck: Review is pending resubmittal of project back to plan check staff for recheck
Your permit is issued and you can proceed to scheduling an inspection.

Application is considered completed when the construction project is finalized and the project has been completed.

There may be a stop to the progress of a project under certain circumstances. This may occur at any time in any of the steps noted above. Those types of Application Status are as follows:

  • Abandoned: Application is abandoned by applicant and is no longer active
  • Expired: Application is expired, no progress is made, and project is no longer active
  • Locked: Application is locked, no progress will be made until the issue identified is resolved, but is still active
  • Hold: Application is placed on Hold due to issue identified but is still active
  • Void: Application created in error, closed out and is no longer active


If you have questions about your project status or need additional information, please contact us at 562.570.PMIT (7648).


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