Community Development

Office of Customer Services

Are you trying to obtain a City permit and approval but are feeling stuck or are unsure how to proceed? We understand the development process can feel overwhelming at times. We are here to help.

The Customer Service Office assists customers in avoiding common pitfalls, finding solutions, and ensuring compliance with City regulations. We facilitate process improvement across the Department to deliver top notch public service to you.

Working On A Project - Let's Get Started!

The City of Long Beach provides an array of permitting services for residents and business owners. Learn about services offered and how you can get started today. Don’t forget to check out Quick Links below for commonly asked information.

Need information about what can be built or what use is allowed on your property? Planning is your first stop when looking to add-on to your home or business, develop a new project, or change the use of the property.  Visit Planning Bureau for more information.

Is your property in a Historical District, Coastal Zone, Impacted Parking Zone, Not Sure? Contact Planning at 562.570.6194 or reference Zoning and Land Use to get started.

Looking to pull a permit or submit plans?  Visit Plan Review Service to learn about Online Permits, Express Permits, Over the Counter Reviews, and more.

Not sure what form or application to use? Contact the Building Information hotline at 562.570.7648 to learn what information you’ll need to provide to obtain your building permit and start constructing.

Want to ask about code questions? Schedule a meeting to ask building code questions for your proposed design and construction of your project from your home, office, City Hall or wherever you are!

Check out Virtual Meeting Service to arrange an online appointment.

Visit the Permit Center to schedule an in person meeting at City Hall.