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Downtown Long Beach Land Use Planning

Renewing the Downtown Plan; Revitalizing the Downtown Waterfront 

The City of Long Beach has launched a two-part effort designed to update regulations for development in Downtown and to establish a common vision and supportive land use strategies for the future of the Downtown Shoreline area.

  • Downtown Plan Update: Encompasses the downtown area north of Ocean Boulevard and will be updated and renewed with a focus on expanding housing opportunities for all income levels, including the development of new affordable housing projects. Click the graphic below to learn more and get involved!
  • Downtown Shoreline Vision Plan: Encompasses the area south of Ocean Boulevard and will help gauge stakeholder expectations and aspirations for the Downtown Shoreline area and establish a contemporary community Vision Plan for a world-class waterfront. Click the graphic below to learn more and get involved!

Get Involved!

The City of Long Beach is committed to a comprehensive and inclusive planning process, guided by extensive community outreach and public participation. A variety of online and in-person outreach activities will be used to make public involvement accessible to as many community members and stakeholders as possible.

We hosted a joint open house for the Long Beach Downtown Plan Update and Downtown Shoreline Vision Plan on Saturday Sept. 9, 2023. View the Open House presentation video and boards below!

Those who were not able to attend the event are invited to provide input by completing our Feedback Form

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