Community Development

Mobility Element

The City's transportation system provides mobility for Long Beach residents and workers, students, shoppers and visitors. In October 2013, the City of Long Beach adopted a new Mobility Element to plan for improving the way people, goods, and resources move from place to place. This effort represents the culmination of extensive community meetings and stakeholder discussions over the past five years.

The Mobility Element addresses all modes of travel, including walking, bicycling, riding transit, driving; and discusses other hot topics such as land use, parking and environmental impacts. The Mobility Element serves as a 20-year guide for future decision-making by establishing a vision with goals, strategies and policies to outline the structure of the City's existing and ensuing multimodal transportation means. More than just improving mobility, the plan is about enhancing the quality of life for today's generation, as well as generations to come. It's also about opportunity, choice and convenience and making our region safer, more affordable, and more livable.

For more information, contact the Planning Bureau at 562.570.6194.