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Southeast Area Specific Plan (SEASP)

Approved in 1977, the Southeast Area Development and Improvement Plan was the first Planned Development District in the City of Long Beach. Often referred to as SEADIP, the document guided land use and development for this 1,500-acre area in southeast Long Beach during a period of rapid growth. Almost 40 years later, the City and the southeast Long Beach community spent time re-examining the area, crafting a new, contemporary vision for the next 50 years. This two-year effort of intensive outreach, analysis, and planning culminated in the Southeast Area Specific Plan 2060 (SEASP), which was adopted by the City Council on Sep. 19, 2017. On October 8, 2020, the California Coastal Commission (CCC) held a hearing for the LCPA (LCPA No. 1-19 [LCP-5-LOB-19-0008-1]) in conjunction with the local adoption of SEASP. The CCC recommended certification of the LCPA with required modifications. The required CCC modifications were presented and adopted by the City Council on July 13, 2021. On September 8, 2021, the CCC certified SEASP. By prioritizing the maintenance of valuable natural resources, customizing land use and development standards as well as identifying locations for future development, SEASP guides the City and its southeast residents toward a prosperous future.


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