Community Development

Southeast Area Specific Plan Community Advisory Committee

Role of Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee (Committee) is intended to serve as an important component of the public participation program for the development of the Southeast Area (SEADIP) Specific Plan. Committee members will participate in a series of meetings to help shape the plan by providing informed and innovation input to the project team. The Committee process is intended to build knowledge, trust and understanding of the plan's purpose, process and potential effects.

Committee Mission Statement

The mission of the Community Advisory Committee (Committee) for the Southeast Area (SEADIP) Specific Plan is to provide perspectives and input to the project team to generate a project vision, identify issues and opportunities, and formulate planning alternatives and recommendations that will inform the Specific Plan, which will be forwarded to decision makers for consideration. The Committee's mission also includes encouraging the involvement of other community members in the public participation process and considering the community's input in dicussions about the Specific Plan.

Committee Meeting Summary

Committee Visioning Exercise

At the March 26, 2014, Community Advisory Committee (Committee) meeting, Committee members participated in a visioning exercise to share their vision for the future of Southeast Long Beach, and discuss common themes that emerged from this exercise. This exercise will help shape the community vision for the Southeast Long Beach Specific Plan. Vision drawings and common themes developed by the Committee.

Additionally, over 50 community members attended the meeting. They were asked to participate in the same visioning exercise. Vision drawings and themes developed by the public groups.