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Sustainability Efforts

Climate change is happening now, so we need to act quickly. The Long Beach Climate Action Plan (LB CAP) addresses climate action and climate adaptation, and helps the City to comply with various local, regional, State, and federal regulations. Climate action is about reducing the impact that people have on the climate system by reducing GHG emissions. On the other hand, climate change adaptation is about being proactive to reduce the negative impact climate change has on infrastructure, services, and the well-being of the community.

In addition to addressing these challenges, the LB CAP enables the City to continue to be on the forefront of sustainable planning. Sustainable planning is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future. Rising seas could threaten to inundate low-lying coastal and marina areas, consequently eroding beaches and shorelines, impacting port operation areas, damaging property, and affecting ecosystems. Ninety-seven percent of scientific research agrees that climate change is occurring due to human activity, and will impact our social, cultural, and natural resources. As extreme climate events such as heat waves, floods, storms, and droughts become more frequent and powerful, it is imperative that Long Beach prepare, and at the same time, contribute to reducing GHG emissions.

The LB CAP is an important next step in furthering the City's leadership in sustainability. Environmental sustainability entails understanding the limitation of our finite resources (e.g., water, fossil fuel, natural gas, etc.), and adopting practices that limit or eliminate waste and pollution. Long Beach has already taken significant green and sustainable approaches to improve the health of residents, businesses, neighborhoods, and the natural environment. The following timeline illustrates many of the City's significant sustainability efforts prior to the adoption of the LB CAP.

To learn more about the City's sustainability efforts, visit the Long Beach Sustainability webpage.

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