Community Development

Zoning Districts Established

Use District SymbolUse ClassificationTitle & Chapter
R-1-S Single-family Residential, small lot 21.31
R-1-M Single-family Residential, moderate lot 21.31
R-1-T Single-family Residential, townhomes 21.31
R-1-N Single-family Residential, standard lot 21.31
R-1-L Single-family Residential, large lot 21.31
R-2-S Two-family Residential, small lot 21.31
R-2-I Two-family Residential, intensified development 21.31
R-2-N Two-family Residential, standard lot 21.31
R-2-A Two-family Residential, accessory second unit 21.31
R-2-L Two-family Residential, large lot 21.31
R-3-S Low-density Multi-family Residential, small lot 21.31
R-3-4 Low-density Multi-family Residential 21.31
R-3-T Multi-family Residential, Townhouse 21.31
R-4-H Dense Multiple Residential, high-rise 21.31
R-4-N Medium-density Multiple Residential 21.31
R-4-R Moderate-density Multiple Residential 21.31
RM Mobile homes, modular and manufactured residential 21.31
R-4-U Dense Multiple Residential, urban 21.31
CO Office Commercial 21.32
CH Highway Commercial 21.32
CT Tourist and Entertainment Commercial 21.32
CS Commercial Storage 21.32
CNP Neighborhood Pedestrian-Oriented Commercial 21.32
CNA Neighborhood Commercial Automobile-Oriented 21.32
CNR Neighborhood Commercial and Residential 21.32
CCA Community Commercial Automobile-Oriented 21.32
CCP Community Commercial Pedestrian-Oriented 21.32
CCR Community R-4-R Commercial 21.32
CCN Community R-4-N Commercial 21.32
CHW Regional Highway Commercial 21.32
IL Light Industrial 21.33
IM Medium Industrial 21.33
IG General Industrial 21.33
IP Port-related Industrial 21.33
I Institutional 21.34
P Park 21.35
PR Public Right-of-Way 21.36
PD Planned Development 21.37
(H) Horse Overlay 21.38
(HR) High-Rise Overlay 21.39
(HL) Height-Limit Overlay 21.40
RMU3 Residential Mixed-Use Title 22
RMU3 A-Series  Residential Mixed-Use (Special Use Incentives) Title 22
RMU4 Residential Mixed-Use, higher density Title 22
RMU4 A-Series  Residential Mixed-Use, higher density (Special Use Incentives) Title 22
MU-1  Mixed-Use, medium-scale Title 22
MU-1 A-Series  Mixed-Use, medium-scale (Special Use Incentives) Title 22
MU-2  Neighborhood Activity Centers Title 22
MU-2 A-Series  Neighborhood Activity Centers (Special Use Incentives) Title 22
MU-3  Neighborhood Activity Centers, highest intensity Title 22
MU-3 A-Series Neighborhood Activity Centers, highest intensity (Special Use Incentives) Title 22
C3 Community-Serving Commercial Use  Title 22
C3-A Series  Community-Serving Commercial Use (Special Use Incentives) Title 22