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The Development Services Planning Team ensures that all developments in the City, both big and small, are smart, safe, and make the best sense for the community. Our team works with the Mayor and City Council, various City departments, developers, engineers, design professionals, neighborhood groups, residents, and business owners to create more safe and livable neighborhoods.  

As the needs of the diverse Long Beach population continue to grow and change, Development Services is committed to working with the community to ensure that the Long Beach of tomorrow is the best that it can be. With projects such as the Long Beach 2040 update, we are always looking toward the future while still honoring the City’s past. The Planning Team looks forward to working with you on your next project and bringing your vision to fruition.


Due to COVID-19, City Hall, including the Neighborhood Resource Center, remains closed to the public until further notice. However, the Building & Safety Permit Center on the 2nd floor is now open for appointment-only service for Express Permits (minor construction projects). Otherwise, Bureau staff will continue serving customers on the Zoning Hotline at 562.570.6194 and ongoing website updates of projects received will continue without change.

City staff will continue serving customers on the Zoning Hotline at 562.570.6194 and ongoing website updates of projects received will continue without change.

NOTICE: The City of Long Beach reviews and revises its Master Fees and Charges Schedule on a citywide basis bi-annually. On May 18, 2021, the City Council approved changes to the citywide fees schedule, including recommendations based on a cost of service study for the Development Services Department. However, the Department is delaying implementation of its fee changes until further notice in order to provide customers time to submit their applications under the current fee structure that was put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.  View the Department’s current fee schedule.

The following services will continue under a modified format:

  • Plan checks (via PDF email), entitlement submittals (via Webex video conference appointment with City Planner, and Dropbox PDF)
  • Planning Commission and Cultural Heritage Commission meetings (via Webex video conference)
  • Public noticing and site posting of proposed developments (via staff in lieu of applicants)
  • Starting Monday, March 23, Zoning Administrator hearings will continue as regularly scheduled with a modified format.
  • Final inspections and project sign-off (which will require health precautionary measures taken by staff in the field)

Services that are temporarily unavailable include:

  • In-person meetings
  • Staff presence at outreach or community meetings
  • Walk audits
  • Acceptance of paper applications
While we will strive to deliver all services in a timely manner, the use of alternative methods and reduced staffing may result in delays or inconvenience to our customers. We apologize and appreciate everyone's cooperation and patience.

For more details, please call 562.570.6194 during business hours.


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To apply for a business license or to get answers to questions about starting a business in Long Beach, visit the Business License page or check out the City’s new Business Portal.
First, we will need to determine the type of permit that is needed for your project. For more information on the different type of permits offered, click on one of the links below:
In accordance with State law, the Long Beach City Council adopted an ADU Ordinance to enable the construction of ADUs in many residential zones within the City. To begin, you will need to determine if your property qualifies for an ADU. For more information about ADUs and the permitting process for these projects, visit the ADU webpage.
Before getting started on a project, talk with our Planning staff to find out what planning and environmental permits may be required. Call (562) 570-6194 or visit the Development Permit Center located at City Hall, 411 W. Ocean Blvd., 2nd floor.
Helpful Resources:

To find information on your zoning, please call the Planning and Zoning hotline at (562) 570-6194. You can also reference the Zoning and Land Use GIS Map. To find information on City services as well as other points of interest in Long Beach, view MapIt.


The Long Beach Housing Dashboards are now available! Explore the Building Permits 2014-2020 Dashboard below to track the City’s progress in meeting the current Housing Element targets. For a detailed breakdown of housing development since 2019 visit the Annual Housing Production Dashboard.

Building Permits 2014-2020 Dashboard


2021 Planning Bureau Quarterly Report

Playing an essential role in shaping the city’s future, the Bureau processed and completed 131 historic preservation cases, conducted 31 project approvals and assisted 4,459 customers on the Bureau’s Zoning Information Line.  The Bureau also held five community outreach events
View 1st Quarter Report