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Housing Element Update

The City is updating the Housing Element of the General Plan, as required by State law. The Housing Element Update will build upon and revise, as appropriate, the goals, policies and programs of the existing Housing Element to ensure that the City can meet the housing needs of all Long Beach residents through 2029, when the plan is scheduled to be updated again.

The Housing Element provides the City with a roadmap for accommodating the projected number of housing units needed to house existing and future City residents and guides future decisions that impact housing. The Housing Element aims to achieve a number of overarching goals:

  • Accommodate projected housing demand, as mandated by the State,
  • Increase housing production to meet this demand,
  • Improve housing affordability,
  • Preserve existing affordable housing,
  • Improve the safety, quality and condition of existing housing,
  • Facilitate the development of housing for all income levels and household types, including special needs populations,
  • Improve the livability and economic prosperity of all City residents, and
  • Promote fair housing choice for all.

In the current housing and economic climate, a major focus of the Housing Element will be on removing barriers to housing production to counter well-documented housing shortages, as well as addressing homelessness and ensuring the availability and fair distribution of affordable housing throughout the City to reverse existing patterns of segregation and concentrated poverty.


Please join us for one of two community meetings regarding the Housing Element Update.  Both meetings will cover the same information, including a project update and opportunity to provide feedback.

About the Housing Element Update:

The Housing Element provides the City with a roadmap for accommodating the projected number of housing units needed to house existing and future City residents and guides future decisions that impact housing for the next eight years. The City is currently drafting an update to the Housing Element to fulfill requirements under state law. Your feedback is crucial to ensuring the update reflects the wants and needs of Long Beach residents. Opportunities to provide your feedback virtually anytime are included below. Additional virtual meetings and opportunities will be available later this spring, as the City continues its work in developing a draft plan.

La próxima junta de la comunidad virtual de la Actualización del Elemento de Vivienda pasará el sábado 1 de mayo a las 11 a.m.

Sábado, 1 de Mayo, 11 a.m – 1p.m.
Marca: 833 548 0282 (Llama gratuita)
ID de Junta: 886 2153 3592

Sobre el Elemento de Vivienda:

El Elemento de Vivienda proporciona a la Ciudad una hoja de ruta para acomodar la cantidad proyectada de unidades de vivienda necesarias para albergar a los residentes de la Ciudad actuales y futuros y guía las decisiones futuras que afectan la Vivienda. La Ciudad está actualizando el Elemento de Vivienda del Plan General, como lo requiere la ley estatal.  Sus comentarios son cruciales para garantizar que la actualización refleje los deseos y necesidades de los residentes de Long Beach. A continuación se incluyen las oportunidades para brindar sus comentarios prácticamente en cualquier momento. Más reuniones virtuales y oportunidades estarán disponibles a finales de esta primavera, mientras la Ciudad continúa su trabajo en el desarrollo de un plan preliminar.

Learn More & Share Your Feedback!

There are many ways to share your input to help shape the Housing Element Update.

Virtual Open House

View a detailed overview of the Housing Element and update process and provide your feedback on various topics including goals for the 2021-2029 Housing Element update by participating in the Housing Element Virtual Open House.

The virtual open house is also available in Spanish. Haz clic aquí para participar en el casa abierta virtual Actualización del Código de Vivienda en español.

Share Your Story!

The Housing Element is a policy document, but housing is really about people! Housing access, affordability and quality plays a critical role in people’s health and quality of life.  The ongoing pandemic has pushed us to get creative from the safety of our homes, so we’re asking Long Beach residents to share your thoughts in a convenient and fun format. Your feedback is crucial to ensuring the update reflects the wants and needs of Long Beach residents.

Send us a video! In one minute or less, tell us your housing story.

How It’s Done

When you have a moment, find a comfortable spot with good lighting. Make sure to speak clearly! It’s best to know what you want to say beforehand, so here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Tell us your name
  • Tell us what part of Long Beach you’re from
  • Share your story of where you live and/or how you found your housing
  • Tell us about your current housing situation (what kind of housing do you live in, with whom)
  • Tell us about your experience looking for housing in Long Beach
  • “Housing is important to my community because…”
  • "The housing needs in my community are…"
  • Any other suggestions for housing improvements in Long Beach

Don’t want to make a video? You can also share a photo or simply write us to share your story.

Videos, photos or written submissions can be emailed to us at or uploaded directly

Housing Element Update Overview

The Housing Element Update (HEU) identifies strategies to implement revised goals and policies. They will be wide-ranging and may include the development of new zoning districts, zone changes and other ordinances that will create incentives to encourage the production of housing, including affordable housing, as well as those that strengthen renter protections. Regulations that expand the range of allowable housing types and grow and protect the City’s housing stock may additionally include density bonus regulations and other incentives for affordable housing and provisions to legalize unpermitted units and allow micro-units, live-work units and co-living housing typologies, among others.

State law requires Long Beach and all California cities and counties to plan for and update their Housing Elements every 8 years. The upcoming cycle, the Sixth Cycle of the Housing Element, is for the period from 2021-2029, and the update is required to be adopted by City Council and submitted to the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) for approval by Fall 2021. In order for the State to approve or “certify” the City’s Housing Element, the City has to demonstrate that the City’s zoning has enough capacity to allow the development of a specific number of units that represents the City’s share of regional growth. This number is known as the Regional Housing Needs Assessment or RHNA. A RHNA is allocated to the Southern California region by the State Department of Housing and Community Development. Subsequently, Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), the regional planning body, is tasked with distributing this RHNA to each city within this six-county region (Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura). SCAG prepares demographic projections and plans the region’s transportation network and how land uses can support that network in a sustainable manner, through the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS), a planning process which takes place every four years. For the upcoming Housing Element cycle, the City’s housing unit allocation or regional housing needs assessment (RHNA) is approximately 26,500 units. While this number is currently still in draft form, it is not expected to change significantly and is the housing unit number the City will be planning for in this Housing Element Update.

The City has to ensure that the Housing Element that meets our RHNA allocation and is otherwise compliant with State law is completed and approved by the state by the October 2021 deadline. Unlike the past and in response to the severe statewide housing crisis, cities that do not have a legally compliant housing element by the deadline face penalties, which can include fines and the loss of transportation and affordable housing funding.

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