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Enhanced Density Bonus Ordinance

The proposed Enhanced Density Bonus Ordinance would amend several sections of the Long Beach Municipal Code (LBMC) to facilitate the development of mixed income multi-family housing by establishing regulations that offer a density bonus and development concessions in exchange for the provision of on-site, deed-restricted, very low-, low-, or moderate-income housing units.

As proposed, the Enhanced Density Bonus would apply to residential properties anywhere in the City on which five (5) or more housing units can be built, based on the zoning code and site size. For informational purposes, the maps linked below show where, based on zoning or the General Plan PlaceType, 5 or more dwelling units may be permitted and could, therefore, be eligible for the Enhanced Density Bonus. Please see the FAQs on this ordinance linked below.

Long Beach 2040 - General Plan Update

The City of Long Beach General Plan is a policy document required by State law, which sets for the goals, policies and directions the City will take to achieve the vision of the community. The City is in the midst of updating the Land Use Element and a new companion element, the Urban Design Element.

Southeast Area Specific Plan

The Southeast Area Specific Plan and the certification of the EIR was approved by the Long Beach City Council on September 19, 2017.

Drive-Through Regulations

On July 16, 2019, the City Council adopted Zoning Code Amendments (ZCA) to regulate new and expansions of existing drive-through facilities by requiring a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to ensure that they meet a number of locational and design criteria. As part of its action, the City Council instructed staff to prepare Drive-Through Design Guidelines that are intended to further improve the site planning and design of drive-through establishments when permitted. On October 3, 2019, the Planning Commission approved the proposed drive-through design guidelines. All new drive-through establishments and expansions of existing drive-through establishments will be required to conform to the design guidelines.

This project was undertaken in response to community concerns regarding drive-throughs, including their concentration in particular areas of the City. The effort includes new Zoning Code regulations (adopted July 16, 2019 and effective August 23, 2019) and the design guidelines, which will supplement the new regulations. The regulations and the proposed design guidelines are intended to work together to ensure future drive-through establishments are appropriately located, well-designed, minimize impacts to surrounding uses, and generally contribute to a more pedestrian-friendly environment.

Long Beach Code Change 

The Planning Bureau is conducting quarterly tune ups to fix and modernize the City's Zoning Code. You are invited to provide input on updates to the zoning code that addresses new land use trends and business types, better respond to unique neighborhood development patterns, and improve administrative processes.

Subdivision Ordinance Update

The Subdivision Ordinance includes guidance and procedures for various types of land divisions, consistent with the State of California Subdivision Map Act with some local refinements. It is a key element in a City’s suite of regulations to promote coordinated and efficient development consistent with the General Plan and Zoning Regulations. The Subdivision Ordinance (Title 20) is part of the Long Beach Municipal Code.
The City has initiated a technical update to the Subdivision Ordinance to be consistent with current State law, as well as provide tools that make the process simpler and more straightforward for City staff, developers and the general public. Update goals include:

  • Create a Subdivision Ordinance which is legally consistent with the State Subdivision Map Act (Government Code Sections 66410 through 66499.38).
  • Align City processes for review of minor map approvals (lot mergers, lot line adjustments, parcel maps) with State law to streamline work efforts.
  • Provide consistency with the General Plan, including the updated Land Use Element, Mobility Element, Urban Design Element, and Local Coastal Program.
  • Improve procedural consistency and accuracy in processing subdivision cases by including clear and unambiguous language in the text and clarifying applicable processes for different types of maps.
  • For larger or more complex requests, provide for concurrent processing of subdivisions with other entitlement processes.
  • Update noticing procedures in alignment with other sections of the Municipal Code.
  • Provide greater clarity to applicants, earlier in the process, in terms of subdivision conditions.
  • Enhance internal procedures for City staff to more efficiently process subdivision maps.
The update effort was initiated in Summer 2019, followed by background research, analysis and consultation meetings with Subdivision Ordinance users. Ordinance revisions are currently being drafted based on feedback from a Planning Commission study session held in May of 2020. Revisions will also include public review and feedback. Based on feedback received, the Ordinance will be revised and presented for further review and adoption by the Planning Commission and City Council in Spring 2021.

For further information, please contact:

Sergio Gutierrez, Planner III